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Name: Mahalo Con ("Maholo Ohana Five-O")
Dates: October 25-November 3, 1996
Frequency: once
Location: two venues: Los Angeles, California and Honolulu, Hawaii
Focus: Hawaii Five-O (1968)
Founder: Rita D. Ractliffe
Founding Date:
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Mahalo Con was a Hawaii Five-O con. It took place in two places: Los Angeles, California and Honolulu, Hawaii.

It was billed as "The Fan Convention That Turned Into a Reunion!"

The con needed to have at least 100 confirmed attendees for it to take place.

Tentative guests in Los Angeles: James MacArthur, Kam Fong, Zulu, Doug Mossman, Harry Endo, Glen Cannon, "plus writers, directors, numerous Episode GUEST Actors and others!"

Tentative guests in Hawaii: Herman Wedemeyer, Kam Fong, Zulu, Doug Mossman, Harry Endo, Glen Cannon, "plus Hawaiian actors, extras, stunt people, crew and others!"

"Jack Lord will not be able to attend, either in LA or in Hawaii, but his presence will defiantly be felt. As courteous, adult fans of his work, we trust you will respect and honor that decision. However, we have a rare opportunity to display some of his artwork with his permission -- the form and media of which will be described in future Progress Reports." -- from a progress report

Confirmed fan guests of honor: Karen Rhodes (author of upcoming book: "Booking Hawaii Five-O, A Comprehensive History"), and Marty Cooper (publisher of the Jack Lord Newsletter from 1963-1980).

Los Angeles

This was to be the more formal component: panels, scheduled events, exhibits, dealers room, art show, and a Saturday night banquet.

From a progress report:

Banquet Saturday night "Hawaiian dress-up" affair. Program to include various guests, retrospectives, perspectives, etc. Hope to have fan "music" videos done on the show; stage parody:"Every Hawaii Five-O Episode Ever Filmed — in Five Minutes"; announcement of art show winners; blooper reel? Many surprises.

Tentative Panels

1. Murder in Paradise (Leonard Freeman's stated theme for Five-O: The Snake in Eden)
2. The Music of Five-O
3. Elements of the "Cop"Show - how Five-O did it right
4. Wonderful characters of Five-O — villains and others
5. How Five-O was ahead of its time
6. Message Episodes:(Once Upon a Time, Diary of a Gun, Mother's Deadly Helper, more...)
7. Five-O and TV Violence (brief history of the violence controversy — then and now — to kick off discussion of same)
8. Love and Death on Five-O: The Dead Girlfriend of the Week...(or, did McGarrett (or Danny) ever really get the girl?
9. Trials and tribulations of filming Five-O-i.e., no sets, all done on the hoof for the first several seasons. Did it make a difference? Would you do it again?
10. Informal "round tables" of various actors (sitting with a group often or so fans at lunch or panel situation); Personal recollections of individual actors/actors who were paired together in multiple episodes
11. Fan writing panel/discussion: Taking Five-O one step further... pros and cons
12. FAVORITE episode actors - those memorable episodes we'll always watch!
13. Writers' Panels - round tables mixing Five-O episode authors with fan authors with THEMES:
McGarrett/Danny hurt
Espionage, Five-O's involvement with, by choice or design?
Wo Fat
Relevant social issues then and now: STDs, corruption, military interference, drugs, fraud, etc.
Terrorists - then and now
How would Five-O evolved in the 80's and 90's? What would McGarrett/Danny/Others be doing now?
Where DID Danny go at the end of the 11th season?


This was meant to be the more casual part of the con and fans would travel about and visit specific filming sites and such.

From a flyer:

As originally planned, the L.A. fans will go to Hawaii to troop around and visit specific sites and locations of interest. We may take some actors and others to lunch; check out beach locations; try to see as much o fMcGarrett's world as is still left; and meet with Honolulu fans!

This is not an organized FORMAL meeting type affair (YET!... that may change), but rather a very loose, casual roaming on our part.

The Honolulu cast will host a get together of the various cast and crew on the island; probably an inexpensive luau at which everyone will pay for their own, thereby creating no huge funding problems for them. (They're new at this fan convention stuff!) They will have us as their guests, and will have any other Hawaii Five-0 fans inHonolulu up to the maximum number of bodies allowed. Doug Mossman says the proposed site is long a favorite with the show's personnel and is probably the last of the small, intimate luaus left.

Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays will give us unique accommodations and tour arrangements, including providing a bus and driver for our 5-0 locations tour. The Honolulu cast will act as tour guides on the bus, giving their personal in-depth memories and anecdotes to sites visited. We will be regaled by tales from Doug and Kam and others. This is one tour not to be missed!

The local tv affiliate in Honolulu that runs Hawaii Five-0 wants to set up a 12 hour marathon near or on the day we are having our "formal" get together. They will be working with us in order to air the fans' most favorite episodes.

The stunt/body double for Jack Lord, John Nordlum, still has McGarrett's car and is more than willing to let us take photos of it, sit in it, etc... He has also offered a stunt gag/show utilizing the car, specifically for our benefit. Stay tuned on this one!

Flyers, Progress Reports, Press Release