Pau Hana

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Title: Pau Hana
Publisher: Iolani Palace Irregulars (fan club)/Hale Pupule Press
Editor(s): Rhodes
Date(s): 1992-1998
Medium: fanzine, print
Fandom: Hawaii Five-O (1968)
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Pau Hana is an anthology fanzine focusing on the characters from Hawaii 5-0. Five issues were published.


Story excerpts, and some complete fics, are here.

Submission Request

In 1996, the publisher forwarded the following submission guidelines to

"Pau Hana is an anthology of fiction, nonfiction, and artwork celebrating

Hawaii Five-O, the longest-running cop show in TV history. Pau Hana comes out annually -- real life permitting! Cover art by Hawaii-born artist and hula teacher Beth Mitchroney. We are now accepting submissions for Pau Hana 5. Follow the guidelines . . .


Short Stories

Stories may be set at any time during the 1968-1980 period, or before, or after. Bear in mind the level of technology in the period 1968-1980, in real-timeline stories. Don't set a story in 1975, for example, and have McGarrett using a cellular phone in his car.

Adult themes are permitted and encouraged; Hawaii Five-O was not a children's show. However, adult themes should be handled with taste, sensitivity, and discretion. No 'slash' fiction accepted. (And if you have to ask what that is, you probably don't indulge in it anyway, so don't worry about it.) Any sex or violence in the story must advance the plot.

Stories may concentrate on action, on plot, or on character. Any of these, or any combination of these, is welcome. Just be sure it is a story--that it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. We welcome mysteries, spy tales, comedies, romances--just about any style or genre! Even westerns! (Remember "Paniolo," "We Hang Our Own," and "Requiem For a Saddle Bronc Rider"!) Mysteries may be hard-boiled detective tales, police procedurals, suspense thrillers, or "cozy" puzzlers. We also accept "crossovers" between series. We've already had the Five-O team meet the cast of Star Trek. What if Stoney Burke came to a rodeo in Hawaii?

Particularly welcome are tales which establish a background for the characters, especially characters like Ben Kokua or Duke Lukela, who were hardly fleshed out in the series. We don't worry if it isn't "canonical"; we don't like strait-jackets!

Know something about Hawaii. You don't have to have been there; your local library should have some good sources. Bookstores carry J. D. Bisignani's Hawaii Handbook, an excellent and thorough guidebook. If you want to use some item of Hawaiian history in your story, seek out Gavan Daws's Shoal of Time. It's an outstanding history of the state from earliest settlement through statehood. Another fine source is His Majesty Kalakaua's The Legends and Myths of Hawaii.

Poetry and Art Work

Poetry can be in any form, any length (now, let's not get carried away). Try to avoid the syrupy, the sing-songy, and the trite. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Artwork should be polished and done with taste. It should look like what it's trying to represent. Nothing will be rejected out of hand just because it's done by an amateur; however, amateurish artwork won't be accepted. All art should be of a type which will reproduce well through photocopying. Generally, it should be no larger than a standard 8 1/2 x 11 page.

Articles, Essays, Commentaries

Articles should be based in fact; statements not the author's opinion or personal observation must be attributed. Essays may consist of fact or opinion or a combination of both. Just be sure that it will be clear in the reader's mind what is fact and what is opinion. Commentaries may begin with a fact or an observation, and then incorporate that into a 'thought piece.'

Personal attacks will not be printed. Unsubstantiated assertions not clearly apparent as opinion will not be printed. Rumor will not be printed!

General Manuscript -- Preparation Guidelines

Submissions must be typed (or computer-printed) double-spaced, on one side of the paper. Your name & address must appear at the top of the first page. Second and subsequent pages must be numbered, with your name and/or a short title at the top, so that if pages become disarrayed, we can put them back together! Submissions may also be made on diskette in flat ASCII or Word Perfect (preferably v. 5.1) format on MS-DOS formatted diskettes. We can accept double-density or high-density diskettes, 5.25" or 3.5". Please include a short personal biography; if submitting on diskette, this may be included as a file called READ.ME. Submissions may also be made by modem. Prior arrangement is necessary; write for details. We can now also accept submissions as a File Attach to a message addressed to ASCII files only!

Stories, poems, articles, essays, or artwork will NOT be returned unless a

SASE with sufficient postage is provided."[1]

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Pau Hana 1 was published in 1992. This is a partial table of contents:

  • Love and Honor by Teresa Conaway
  • Wild Rice by Karen Rhodes
  • And When You're Done With Them, Throw Them Away by Karen Rhodes
  • Of All Sad Words by Karen Rhodes
  • Friends for Life, Enemies Forever by Teresa Conaway
  • The Test of Fire by Peggy Hartsook (reprinted in Return to Paradise #3) (19 pages)
  • Bed of Lies by Gina Martin
  • And Nun for Steve! by Maryann Gallant
  • Is Steve McGarrett Catholic? article by Maryann Gallant
  • Those Five-O Villains We Loved to Hate article by Jerry Mezerow
  • Poodle of Blood by Maryann Gallant

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Pau Hana 2 was published in 1992.

  • A Thin Line by Deborah Doran
  • Sailor's Luck by Karen Rhodes
  • Scientific Method by Karen Rhodes and Tristan A. MacAvery
  • Marching Through Georgia by Teresa L. Conaway
  • The Cock Robin Caper by Karen Rhodes
  • The Way to Dusty Death by Karen Rhodes
  • When in Disgrace with Fortune and Men's Eyes by Mary Ellen Wofford
  • McGarrett and the Babe by Patricia Walker
  • Betcha Can't Kill Just One by Karen Rhodes
  • Fearless Tiger by Maryann Gallant
  • Still Frame by Jackie Edwards and Gina Martin

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Pau Hana 3 was published in 1993.

  • 10,000 Trekkies by Teresa Conaway and Karen Rhodes
  • Chin's Errand by Karen Rhodes
  • Bitter Harvest by Karen Rhodes
  • Exultate Justi by Patricia Walker
  • Phoenix by Karen Rhodes
  • The Strange Affair of Caryn Pike by Clark Burner
  • Inward Journey by Maryann Gallant

Special Section: the Governor Murder Cases

  • A Sense of Duty by Karen Rhodes
  • I Need All the Friends I Can Get by Teresa Conaway

Issue 4

cover of issue #4

Pau Hana 4 was published in 1994 and contains 130 pages.

  • Come Up and See Me by Karen Rhodes
  • Beginner's Luck by Teresa Conaway
  • Sometime by Karen Rhodes
  • A Matter of Honor by Deborah Doran
  • Conspiracy Theory by Karen Rhodes
  • Treasures on Earth by Patricia Walker
  • Lost & Found by Maryann Gallant
  • My Partner, My Friend by Patricia Toler
  • Family Reunion by Gina Martin

Issue 5

Pau Hana 5

  • The Forget-Me-Not Affair by Bill Koenig


  • V' for Vashon: the Daughter by Mary Clare
  • Do or Die, Baby by Collin Freeman-->
  • An Act of Violence by Karen Rhodes
  • The Spy by Mary Clare


  • McGarrett's Errand of Mercy by Liz Clare
  • A Father's Love by Karen Rhodes


  1. Five-O Fan Fiction Submissions Wanted! dated Feb 29, 1996.