Hawaii Five-Ohhh!

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Title: Hawaii Five-Ohhh!
Publisher: Light & Shadow Press
Date(s): May 2012
Medium: print
Genre: slash
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
Language: English
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cover art by Lorraine Brevig, oil on canvas board, 12"-w x 9"-h
front cover of the zine

Hawaii Five-Ohhh! is a H5O Steve-o/Danno slash 196-page anthology with full color cover by Lorraine Brevig.

  • Hau 'Oli La Hanau by Glow (1)
  • Hokeo by Glow (15)
  • Hele Mai Helo Aku by Glow (23)
  • Me Ke Aloha by Glow (35)
  • Hawaii Five-O Hot-O-Meter Survey by The Gals of L&S (46)
  • The Very Private Files of Comander Joe White by Moonshine (47)
  • The Policeman's Other Ball by Tiger Tyger (57)
  • Kapu by Moonshine (85)