Bringing It Home

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Title: Bringing It Home
Author(s): T Verano
Date(s): 07 December 2013
Length: 12,965 words
Genre: gen fanfiction
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
External Links: Bringing It Home (AO3)

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Bringing It Home is a Hawaii Five-0 gen story by T Verano.

Summary: Danny and Steve go hiking. Set during the middle of the second half of Season 2.

Recs and Reviews

I may have rec’d Bringing It Home by T Verano (t_verano) before, but maybe not. I know I have rec’d T Verano before. This is a Danny and Steve take a vacation fic. Because we all know how well those work out. In this one, no one gets shot, blown up, or has their boat stolen from them, but Steve does get sick. Disoriented, hallucinating, feverish Steve wandering around in the jungles of Hawai’i with an exasperated and worried Danny trying to take care of him, how could anyone pass it up?[1]


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