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Name: fire_juggler
Alias(es): fire_juggler_arts, fire_juggler_writes
Type: podficcer, coverartist, fanwriter, moderator, archivist, meta
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Teen Wolf, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Lewis, Bandom, James Bond, American Idol, Sherlock
Communities: podfic_love, podfic_bingo, hp_podfic_fest
URL: dreamwidth account
Livejournal account
AO3 account
podfics @ audiofic archive
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Fire_juggler is a prolific podficcer especially known for her efforts in encouraging podfic in Harry Potter fandom, her Teen Wolf podfic, and not!fic.

Harry Potter

Fire_juggler got her start in fandom in Harry Potter as a multishipper and general enthusiast. She would often promote challenges and fests on her journal; when she got interested in podfic, that enthusiasm spread to promoting podfic[1][2][3] and podficcers as well.[4][5]

Fire_juggler posted her first podfic, 6 Lessons from a Dead Man, posted March 11, 2011, a Harry/Severus podfic based on a story written by RoozetteR, stating: "So, I love podfics. Due to the sad, sad, sad lack of Harry Potter podfics (especially Harry/Snape), I decided that the only solution was to begin making my own." [6]

Once she started, fire_juggler continued producing podfic at a high rate, as well as having podfic meta discussions on her journal,[7] and continuing to encourage others to join her in making Harry Potter podfic. On July 1, 2011 she posted a call for podfic friendly authors,[8] complete with a shareable graphic/copy and paste code to spread the word and a fillable form to fill for authors who wanted to give podfic permission. This wasn't the first blanket permission list,[9][10] but it was one of the early predecessors to the Blanket Permission to Podfic list. As of April 10, 2017 there were 357 comments on the entry (though not all are giving permission).

In August 2011 fire_juggler and teas_me created the community hp_podfic_fest to encourage Harry Potter podfic of any length, rating, pairing, or gen. The fest runs annually, though fire_juggler stepped down as mod after the first year.

On December 20, 2011 fire_juggler posted Hand Signals, written by Alamo_Girl80, a Hawaii Five-O podfic, her first non-Harry Potter podfic. From there fire_juggler branched out into a becoming a multifannish podficcer, but as of 2017 she was still podficcing in the Harry Potter fandom.[11]

Notable Works



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