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Name: Writcraft or Writ
Alias(es): Writ, @writcraft (primary tumblr), @writsgrimmyblog (side tumblr for BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw and One Direction)
Type: fan writer, fan artist, community moderator, reccer, meta writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, One Direction/Radio 1 RPF, Sherlock (TV series), Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Good Omens
Communities: HP Kinkfest, Harry/Draco Big Bang, HP Darkarts,Tomlinshaw Exchange, Gryles Exchange, Grimmy Appreciation Fest
Other: Dreamwidth Journal
URL: AO3 Page
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Writcraft (they/them or she/her), also known as Writ, is a longstanding fest organiser and creator of fic, art, and meta discussion. They've been active in the Harry Potter fandom for over a decade with a primary interest in book canon; they've not paid much attention to Cursed Child or Fantastic Beasts.[1] Their OTPs are Snape/Harry (Snarry) and Harry/Draco (Drarry), though they also read and write a variety of other ships, particularly slash and femslash pairings. Their most active writing space after Harry Potter is One Direction and Radio 1 RPF where they primarily ship Harry Styles/Nick Grimshaw (Gryles) and Louis Tomlinson/Nick Grimshaw (Tomlinshaw). They've also written fic in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sherlock (TV series), Supernatural, and Good Omens.

In addition to creating fic and art, Writ is a prolific and much-admired author of meta on the nature of fandom. From their perspective as a queer, bisexual, non-binary organiser and activist, Writ often delves into the queer experiences of fandom in innovative ways by bringing together theory and experience. Writ has also contributed significant expertise to discussions on the role of dark and taboo themes in fannish spaces and the relationships between fans and creators, just to name a few!

Fandom Activities

Writ's fandom contributions know no bounds. Though they enjoy a good longer fic (as evidenced by their creation and moderation of multiple Big Bang-style fests) they also have a particular love and appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into writing an impactful ficlet or drabble. To this end, in 2018 they created what has now evolved into the Drarry Discord Writers Corner Drabble Challenge, a flash fic challenge that takes place on the Drarry Fans | Writers + Artists Discord Server. It was designed to be a fun, low-stress writing challenge and to prompt discussion around how writing to a short, specific word count differs from writing longer fic without word count restrictions.

They're very active in their fannish communities and believe that you get out of fandom what you put in, and they are always keen to help out and promote other creators. Whether that be through offering their betaing, brit-picking, and proofing talents, or via their extensive reading, commenting, and reccing. Their dedication to reccing extends to creating and organising the #drarryunder300 reccing initiative on tumblr in 2018, meant to highlight outstanding fic with fewer than 300 kudos on AO3, and to encourage other tumblr users to begin both reading and reccing these hidden gems.

Community and Fest Moderator

Writ has moderated a broad range of fandom fests, both alone and with co-mods. They have a particular love of modding fests and creating community spaces that foster the creation of dark, niche, and/or taboo content:

[Spaces like HP Darkarts & HP Kinkfest] represent no holds barred, no content restriction spaces where creators are free to explore the gamut of human experience without shame or censure. We have the privilege in fan communities to explore whatever we like without being exposed to shame or ridicule within the fandom space, and a responsibility to ensure fan communities don't become fettered or sanitised, either by pandering to the mainstream or even as a result of our own self-censorship.[2]

An overview of the communities and fests Writ has moderated over the years:

Harry Potter Communities and Fests

One Direction Communities and Fests

Fanfic, Meta, & Fanart


Writ is a fannish writer and participates in a variety of fests and challenges. They've written in several different fandoms, with the majority of their fics written for the Harry Potter and One Direction and Radio 1 RPF fandoms. They love angsty romance with a happy ending, boys being insecure and ridiculous, and kissing in the rain. They're also fond of dark fic, heavy angst, and kink exploration. In addition to short PWPs, they also write longer chaptered works, and particularly enjoy exploring queer themes, history, and community within their fic. For a (mostly) complete selection of their works, see their dashboard on AO3. As Writ says, the fics that aren't there, probably don't want to be found :D[3]

Writ is heavily influenced by music and often starts off the writing process by creating a playlist for specific fics and pairings. They have made a number of these playlists public on their spotify.

A selection of their most well-known Draco/Harry fics:

A selection of their most well-known Snape/Harry fics:

A selection of their most well-known One Direction/Radio 1 RPF fics:


A non-exhaustive round-up of some of Writ's unlocked meta posts on tumblr and livejournal:


Most of Writ's artwork can be found on their Deviantart.

A selection of their artwork: