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Pairing: Harry Styles/Nick Grimshaw
Alternative name(s): Gryles, Stymshaw, Harrick
Gender category: m/m
Fandom: One Direction/Radio 1 RPF
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: somewhat popular
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Harry Styles/Nick Grimshaw, also known as Gryles, is a crossover slash pairing inspired by the real-life friendship between BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw and One Direction member Harry Styles. It appeared on the fandom scene sometime in 2012. The ship has a relatively minor following in 1D fandom overall, representing 3% of all 1D fanworks on Archive of Our Own, but it is the most popular pairing in Radio 1 RPF.[1]

As with many RPF fandoms, there exists a small contingent of vocal Gryles tinhats who believe the ship to be, or have been, an actual romance; however, it might be unusual in that it is encouraged by rumour and speculation outside of fandom, such as media speculation over Harry's sexuality, the homophobic predatory older gay man stereotype assigned to Nick, London gays on Twitter going "this was real" every few months in the 2020s, etc.[2][3] While this was not originally the case, Larries in the 2020s are told that speculation around Harry and Nick's potential romantic relationship was a PR stunt designed to distract from Larry.[4]

Ship History

Relative popularity of Harry/Nick, Louis/Nick, and Harry/Louis in AO3 fanworks, August 2012-June 2014.

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Nick Grimshaw and Harry Styles met in late 2011 and formed a fast friendship. Harry appeared several times on Nick's BBC1 night-time show (including his final show), they were often spotted together out and about and at events, and they mentioned spending time with each other regularly on social media.

The ship boomed after Nick took over as BBC Radio 1's Breakfast Show host, but both the media and fans were interested in the relationship before that date: mainstream articles picked up on the friendship as early as February 2012, running stories about their "bromance" and "BFF" status;[5] fans were posting photos of them together as early as May 2012 under the Gryles tag on Tumblr.[6]

The July 11 Breakfast Show announcement, as well as a high-profile interview in The Guardian on Aug 17 in which Nick confirmed he was gay[7] probably explain the rise in pairing activity over July and August 2012.[8] The first Gryles story was posted to the Archive of Our Own on Aug 22.[9]

Harry showed himself supportive of Nick's debut on The Breakfast Show, appearing in a "Team Grimmy" TV commercial and phoning in from tour during the first show on September 24, 2012. Meanwhile, Nick mentioned One Direction regularly on the show, prompting many 1D fans who were not previously familiar with him or the show to tune in and listen from within Great Britain and around the world. This in turn caused Radio 1 RPF to take off as its own fandom.

The Breakfast Show team is very involved and aware on social media, including searching their own tags on Tumblr. Former producer Matt Fincham, especially, enjoyed teasing Nick about his relationship with Harry on the show, often to Nick's chagrin.[10] Nick is audibly annoyed with Matt's joke about a One Direction song being "part of your Valentine's Day present."</ref> Matt referenced Gryles by name at least once on the show and once on the R1Breakfast Twitter.[11][12] Aware of Nick's frustration with the ship, a large number of Gryles shippers are more courteous than Matt, and as Nick is very active on social media, many of his fans on Tumblr keep his full name out of "shippy" posts to prevent him seeing them, and to keep the illusion of the Fourth Wall.

Common Tropes and Themes

Gryles fanworks often fall under one or more of the following categories:

  • Futurefic (especially futures wherein 1D is no longer together, and Harry is not bound to an intense touring schedule)
  • Domestic fic and kidfic (both Harry and Nick canonically love children)
  • Non-famous AU (one or both are unknown)

They might feature storylines involving friends becoming lovers, accidental dating, pining and UST, being closeted and/or coming out. This last type of fic often uses some of the same tropes that Larry Stylinson fics use, such as Evil Management, or plays off of real-life concerns with the media's representation of their friendship.

Gryles fics tend to have happy endings.

Gryles is also used as a prop for other Harry endgame pairings: see Nick Tropes for more info.

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