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Name: The Harry Potter Kink Fest (hp_kinkfest)
Date(s): 28 October 2009 - present
Moderator(s): (current) Writcraft, Kitty-fic; (former) marguerite_26, Vaysh
Founder: marguerite_26 and lavillanueva
Type: fest/challenge
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community: hp_kinkfest on LiveJournal, @hpkinkfest on tumblr, Harry Potter Kinkfest AO3 Collection
HP Kinkfest 2012 banner.jpg
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HP Kinkfest is an annual Harry Potter challenge for fanworks featuring a variety of sexual kinks. It was founded by marguerite_26 and lavillanueva. From 2012 to 2016 marguerite_26 and Vaysh moderated the fest; it is currently modded by Writcraft and Kitty-fic.

Round 1 (2009-2010)

Round 2 (2011)

Masterlist of Art and Fic

Round 3 (2012)

Round three of HP Kinkfest ran from Jan 24 to March 3, 2012.
Masterlist of 81 Stories and 11 Artworks
Kinks showcased in the 2012 HP Kinkfest ranged from amnesia and accidental voyeurism to wanking and watersports. (Masterlist of Kinks)

Round 4 (2013)

Round four of HP Kinkfest started on January 31, 2013.
Masterlist of Art and Fic

Round 5 (2014)

Masterlist of Art and Fic

Round 6 (2015)

Masterlist of Art and Fic (pairings listed in alphabetical order)

Round 7 (2016)

Masterlist of Art and Fic

Round 8 (2017)

Masterlist of Art and Fic

Round 9 (2018)

Masterlist of Art, Fic and Collabs

Round 10 (2019)

HP Kinkfest 2019 (AO3 Collection )