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Name: Vaysh
Alias(es): Vaysh11, Vaysh-podfics
Type: fan writer, community moderator and organiser, podficcer, archivist
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Captain America, Lord of the Rings
Communities: Harry/Draco Owlpost, Stuckypodficarchive
Other: Vaysh on Ao3
URL: on Dreamwith
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Vaysh, also known as Vaysh11, is a longstanding writer and reader of slash fanfiction. She has been a participant in quite a few fandoms over the span of many years. Her earliest fan activity dates back to 2003 in the Tolkien fandom. She has also been active on LiveJournal in the Harry Potter fandom dating back to January 2008. Over the years she has modded and organized many fests and fandom events. Her first H/D fanfic, Summer of the Dragonfly, was written for HDS Beltane in May of 2008.

In her own words: "Fanfiction has been my enduring passion for the last ... counts ... the last twelve years. Reading The Half-Blood Prince I fell in love with Harry/Draco, and have been with them ever since." [1]

She has been active in the LOTR/Tolkien and Sherlock fandoms and in 2015, Vaysh has joined the Captain America/Stucky fandom.

In real life she is an editor and translator, working on popular fiction from mystery to fantasy/sci-fi and romance. She teaches Creative Writing both online and at cultural institutions and writing schools in Germany.

Community and Fest Moderator

Vaysh has been the moderator of a myriad of fandom fests.

Currently she mods the annual H/D Owlpost winter fest and Wand-in-a-Knot: the 24 Hour Harry Potter Porn Challenge, as well as the Stuckypodficarchive on tumblr and Stuckyanonymous on Dreamwidth. In the last two years, she organized the Stucky Halloween Drabble Challenge.

Previously she has been involved in modding Dracotops_Harry, H/D Fan Fair, HP Kinkfest, H/D Birthday Bash, Draco Malfoy/Albus Severus Potter Fest (DM/ASP Fest), Frodo/Sam Fest, Harry/Draco Big Bang: Erised, H/D Canon Fest and the H/D Last Drabble Writer Standing Challenge.

Other Fandom Activities

Vaysh co-modded Gunshandcuffs: home of The H/D Fest and Fair Directory and the Master Lists of H/D Fests, Fairs and Big Bangs (until 2018) and Operation H/D Support. The second fandom-wide poll for the New 25 Most Read H/D Fics (written between 2007 to 2010) was organized and hosted on Gunshandcuffs.

From 2014 to 2018, Vaysh was an editor at The Daily Snitch, a Harry Potter fandom newsletter.

She gathered and updated a well-known List of Harry/Draco Fests around the fannish year (until 2018).

She participated in HD Level Two: Series One – A collaborative fannish project from 2013, in which H/D writers and artists came together to produce a novel-length illustrated murder mystery, set on Level Two of the Ministry of Magic.

Vaysh does German fanfic translations and hosts a collection of German translations of H/D fanfics (bookmarked on Pinboard): Deutsche H/D Übersetzungen


Vaysh is a fannish writer and participates in fandom fests and challenges. Her fic can be found on AO3 where she has posted 131 fanworks (as of December 2020). Vaysh mostly writes short to medium-length one-shots. In 2017, she was one of the ten participants of the Fanauthor Workshop, run online by Betts aka Betty Davis.[2]

In the 2000s, she wrote Tolkien fic as Calanthe.[3]

Most notable fanfiction


Vaysh is a podficcer (Vaysh-podfics on AO3). She has recorded podfics from the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and most recently, The Old Guard fandoms. She participates in the annual meet-ups of Europodfriends and she has been modding the Stuckypodficarchive since March 2016.

A few of Vaysh's podfics