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Name: H/D Level Two
Date(s): April–November 2013
Moderator(s): nerakrose, mrs_jack_turner & vlorahp (for a time)
Founder: nerakrose & mrs_jack_turner
Type: Collaboration
Fandom: Harry Potter
Associated Community: "hd_level_two on Livejournal". Archived from the original on 2017-04-09.
URL: Level Two: Series One on archiveofourown.org
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H/D Level Two is a fest whose purpose was to create a long, collaborative fic based on a TV-series format, where a group of creators got together to write a series arc and then assigned episodes to specific writers to write their own contributions. Artists created art for the episodes as well as other materials. The fest was inspired by a fake trailer for a Harry Potter crime series which was posted on youtube. (https://youtu.be/2WhhS2maFEs)

As the format of the fest was very untraditional, several new roles were cooked up for the purpose of facilitating the collaboration. Several participants inhabited more than one role. Participants applied directly for the role they wanted.

  • 1 showrunner
  • producers
  • editors
  • writers
  • artists
  • pinch-hitters

josephinestone was Series One's showrunner, and vaysh & chronos_tide were the producers.

Writers: ashiiblack, blamebrampton, catsintheattic, incandescent, nerakrose, raitala, romaine24, josephinestone, vaysh, writcraft

Artists: epithalamium, dustmouth, raitala

Editors: eustacia_vye28, llaeyro, wemyss, raitala, chantefable, incandescent, nathaniel_hp, vaysh, inside_the_veil, mrs_jack_turner, blamebrampton, faieance, drarryisgreen


The fest's timeline ran such:

  • April 1–14: Application period
  • April 15: Notifications of positions will be sent out.
  • April 15-May 1: Planning period
  • May 1- August 31: Preliminary creating period
  • August 1: First release of promo material
  • September 6: Season premiere!

The posting timeline was as follows:

  • Pilot Episode : September 6
  • Second Episode: September 13
  • Third Episode: September 20
  • Fourth Episode: September 27
  • Fifth Episode: October 4
  • Sixth Episode: October 11
  • Seventh Episode: October 18
  • Eighth Episode: October 25
  • Ninth Episode: November 1
  • Finale: November 8


Episode #1: Particles in Solution

Writer: blamebrampton | Editor: raitala | Artists: dustmouth, raitala
Summary: Harry Potter might murder his boss. Draco Malfoy would kill for some meaning in his life. Kingsley Shacklebolt has a whole filing cabinet full of victims looking for two slightly testy champions.

Episode #2: The Lady in White

Writer: incandescent | Editors: eustacia_vye28, llaeyro and wemyss | Artist: dustmouth
Summary: Harry receives a mysterious (and quite possibly cursed) note, and decides that this, like all good mysteries, must be investigated. Preferably with the help of one Draco Malfoy.

Episode #3: A Murder Up North

Writer: vaysh | Editors: incandescent, chantefable | Artists: epithalamium, raitala
Summary: A young girl is found dead, the granddaughter of a former Minister for Magic. The wizarding world is in shock, but Dawlish has a new cold case for Harry: He is ordered to investigate another murder from the war. Both the victim and the accused were Death Eaters. Three of them are still doing time in Azkaban.

Episode #4: Sleeping Beauty and the Beast

Writer: catsintheattic | Editors: nathaniel_hp, vaysh | Artists: dustmouth, epithalamium, raitala
Summary: There’s a young woman in St Mungo’s who’s been in a coma for nine years. Potter is a basket case, but can also handle himself as a professional. And Malfoy isn’t half bad.

Episode #5: The Curious Case of Scratchy Bottom

Writer: nerakrose | Editors: inside_the_veil, mrs_jack_turner | Artists: dustmouth, epithalamium
Summary: In which Harry did not pick a case because of the location (even if he is still twelve), Malfoy turns out to be a valuable asset in interrogation (Harry absolutely did not snicker at the word asset) and there's pie. There is also a missing girl, a suspect brother and the possibility that a Scandinavian country is involved.

Episode #6: Whose Bodies?

Writer: raitala | Editor: blamebrampton | Artists: dustmouth, epithalamium, raitala
Summary: Bodies and missing persons are starting to stack up. Never mind old cold cases, someone needs to start sorting things out. It’s time to start looking for new angles. Maybe Detective Inspector Iris Bustamant of the Metropolitan Police can help? Draco is not happy. Is he just sulking or does he have a point?

Episode #7: A Paler Shade of White

Writer: romaine24 | Editor: vaysh | Artists: dustmouth, epithalamium, raitala
Summary: Draco gets assigned a new Cold Case partner, while Harry is off with DI Iris Bustamant investigating dead Muggles, Squibs and Wizards. Draco thinks creating a magical HOLMES will get him back working with Harry. However, a bottle brandy and autumn leaves could prove to be the key.

Episode #8: Silence Screamed

Writer: josephinestone | Editors: faieance, vaysh | Artists: dustmouth, raitala
Summary: Auror Dawlish gets more than he can handle from a witch whose Squib father goes missing.

Episode #9: The Research

Writer: ashiiblack | Editor: llayero | Artists: epithalamium, raitala
Summary: When a Muggle geneticist turns up missing, Harry, Iris, and Draco investigate. Meanwhile, Harry is unsure where he and Draco stand.

Episode #10: All Good Things

Writer: writcraft | Editor: drarryisgreen | Artists: dustmouth, raitala
Summary: Harry and Draco are closing in on those responsible for the Squib murders. The boys try to put their own tensions aside while they bring their cold cases to a climactic conclusion. In the aftermath, will they finally be able to work out their feelings for one another?

Other Content


A snapshot from the ministry

by raitala

Ministry personel files

by raitala

Release poster

by raitala


by epithalamium

Promo banners

by saintgilbert


by blamebrampton & dustmouth

Character outfit designs

by raitala

Early pimping banners

by kedavranox

Easter Eggs

Episode #3: Network outage gif

by nerakrose

Episode #7: 404: not found

by nerakrose