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Name: The Fanauthor Workshop
Date(s): 2017
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: multi
URL:; archive link
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The Fanauthor Workshop was am MFA-style creative writing workshop run online for fanfiction writers by fan, writer, Wayward Daughters founder, and MFA grad student Betts aka Betty Days. The first session of the Fanauthor workshop began September 4, 2017 and Betts says future workshops are likely if there is interest. The workshop was application only and limited in the number of participants both because Betts was doing it for course credit toward her MFA and also because, ideally, writing workshops should be small. Participants were given the opportunity to workshop both fanfic and original fic.

As Betts in the application post explained: "fanfiction taught me how to write and i have immense respect for it as a genre. i think fanauthors do amazing literary work, and i’d like to take what i’ve learned from my MFA so far and bring it back to the community that fostered my passion for writing."

Participants included Vaysh, Emdee, Xyai, Nemesis, Kiyaar (and five others for a total of ten) and these participants have been doing brief fannish autobiographies, "Fanauthor Spotlights," as follows:

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