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Dates: October/November
Frequency: yearly
Location: Berlin, Germany/online
Type: Fan Run, non-profit, no celebrity guests
Focus: Podfic
Founder: Sylvaine and Frecklebomb
Founding Date: January 2018
URL: Europodfriends Twitter Europodfriends AO3 Collection Europodfriends Dreamwidth
Europodfriends banner
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Europodfriends is an annual European fan meet created by Sylvaine and frecklebomb for podficcers and podfic-adjacent fans in 2018. The main aim of the meet is to socialize with fellow fans interested in Podfic, and to create collaborative works during the meet.



The first meetup was held in Berlin, Germany October 19 - October 21, 2018. Events included Spot That Voice[1], an attempted livestream of the Podfication History of Us panel[2] which didn't work properly due to technology issues[3], Pitch 'n' Pod (AO3 Collection), hockey watch parties, and a collaborative all-participants-involved podfic Earth is Space Australia of a series of tumblr posts.


The second year, the meet was held November 1 - November 3, 2019 in Berlin, Germany. This year, the event had accessibility information available ahead of time[4]. Events included a tutorial by Annapods on using Audacity keyboard shortcuts, possibly-first podfic zine included (tweet by europodfriends with pictures of the zine), ice skating watch parties, Pitch 'n' Pod (AO3 Collection), and a collaborative all-participants-involved podfic I Has A Sweet Potato of a fictionalized conversation between thefourthvine and her dog. All together, over 20 works were recorded during the meetup[5]. Xan also organized a gift exchange (AO3 Collection) ahead of time, with the idea of being able to gush about your received podfic at the creator in person.


In 2020, the meetup was held October 16 - October 18, but due to the SARS-COV-2 pandemic, it was held online via Discord rather than in person[6]. Due to this shift to digital space, the mods wrote a Code of Conduct for the event and asked for volunteers to help enforce it[7]. Xan was added as a third moderator for the event in anticipation of the greater workload associated with a digital event and left later the same year due to personal responsibilities. The event used Craig/Ennuicastr to record podfics created during the meetup. Activities during the meetup included Pitch 'n' Pod (AO3 Collection), podficcer "baby pictures", a rec fest, a comment fest, and a The Old Guard watch party[8].


The meetup - once again online due to ongoing pandemic concerns - was planned to take place October 15 - October 17, 2021[9]. Unfortunately, due to health concerns, the mods were unable to run the event that year, and thus it was cancelled[10].


Initial plans to move back to an in-person meetup[11] were taken back due to the rise of the Omicron variant of SARS-COV-2 and the resulting difficulty of planning any sort of in-person event ahead of time. As a result, the 2022 meetup is supposed to take place online, 14 October - 16 October, 2022[12].


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