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Name: Europodfriends
Dates: October/November
Frequency: yearly
Location: Berlin, Germany
Type: Fan Run, non-profit, no celebrity guests
Focus: Podfic
Founder: Sylvaine and Frecklebomb
Founding Date: January 2018
URL: Europodfriends Twitter Europodfriends AO3 Collection Europodfriends Dreamwidth
Europodfriends banner
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Europodfriends is an annual European fan meet created by Sylvaine and frecklebomb for podficcers and podfic-adjacent fans. Xan was added as a third moderator of the event in 2020. It was first held in Berlin, Germany Oct 19 - Oct 21 2018, running for a second time Nov 1 - Nov 3 2019. The main aim of the meet is to socialize with fellow fans interested in Podfic, and to create collaborative works during the meet. The planned third meetup, Oct 16 - Oct 18 2020, has been changed to a virtual meetup rather than an in-person one as a result of the SARS-COV-2 pandemic.