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Name: annapods
Alias(es): annaswrite
Fandoms: Superstition, Hockey RPF, Harry Potter, Teen Wolf, Captain America, Check Please!, Overwatch, etc.
URL: AO3 Profile, Twitter, Tumblr, Dreamwidth
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Annapods is a prolific member of Podfic Fandom, contributing as (amongst others) a podficcer, challenge creator and moderator, meta creator and cover art maker.

According to their Tumblr bio, they started podficcing at the beginning of 2015.[1] By the end of 2020, they had created close to 500 works on AO3.

Fandom Activity

As a Moderator

Looks like most people are at least a little insecure about their fanworks. Which can get in the way of enjoying the process of creating, if you’re so focused on the perfection of the end result.
So let’s work on getting rid of those insecurities! Basically, “lower your damn standards”. By expanding your comfort zone. By making “bad” fanworks.[2]

As a Cover Artist

A Discord conversation between Annapods and Discord user Luna on the podfichat server in December 2017 originated the use of stickers on podfic cover art. Stickers were initially limited to using images of lemons to indicate ratings using the Citrus Scale, and evolved to include specific challenges, whether certain works are gifts, warnings, etc.

Example Podfics


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