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Title: Behind the Pod
Created by: Annapods & frecklebomb
Date(s): 2019–
Focus: interviews, discussion, podfic
Fandom: Podfic Fandom
External Links: Dreamwidth; Twitter; AO3

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Behind the Pod is described as "a podcast about podfic, with audio essays, interviews, and other meta discussion by different podficcers each episode."[1]

The idea for the series originated in 2018 when Annapods tweeted "Idea: a podfic podcast where each episode is an interview with a podficcer about one of their podfic projects. A mix between a freetalk conversation, a director's cut commentary and a review."[2]

The first series was hosted by Annapods and frecklebomb. Signups opened May 6, 2019. Participants signed up in groups of two to interview and be interviewed by each other. The first episode was posted to AO3 on October 27, 2019.

The second series was hosted by Annapods, frecklebomb, and eafay70. Signups opened January 26, 2020. Participants could now sign up as individuals or groups of any number, rather than just in groups of two. The first episode was posted to AO3 on August 2, 2020.


Series 1

Series 2


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