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Synonyms: PWP
See also: rating, lime, Cream Lemon
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Lemon is a term from anime fandom used to designate a work with explicit erotic content. The term derives from an early pornographic anime called Cream Lemon. A piece of fanfiction which included the word 'lemon' in its title could be expected to be pure porn; others might warn that a work contained "a hint of lemon" or lime. The usage has not travelled much beyond anime fandom, though sightings have been reported in Harry Potter and Twilight fandoms.

"Lemon" comes from the title of an anime called Cream Lemon, which is PWP in animated form. As far as I am aware, "lemon" refers and has always referred to any kind of explicit NC-17 sex in a story, and not specifically to F/F. Other shades commonly used in anime fandom are

  • "lime," denoting a tasteful seduction and fade-to-black or simply the R-rated version of the sex scene,
  • "lemonade," denoting a WAFFy lemon fic, and
  • "citrus" or "citrusy," indicating a strongly erotic tone without necessarily including graphic sex.
  • "Orange" sometimes pops up to describe stories involving just necking, but most authors don't bother. [1]


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