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Name: Venom
Creator: Ruben Fleischer (director), Jeff Pinkner, Scott Rosenberg, Kelly Marcel (writers)
Date(s): October 2018
Medium: live-action film
Country of Origin: United States

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Venom is a 2018 film about a journalist (Eddie Brock) who accidentally becomes bonded (and then bonds) with an alien symbiote. The movie is an adjunct to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and part of the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters (SPUMC) media franchise. [1][2]

The film was panned by critics but loved by many movie-goers, and grossed over $800 million worldwide. Characters in the movie include: Eddie Brock, Venom, Anne Weying, Carlton Drake, Dan Lewis, and Dora Skirth. Eddie/Venom is played by Tom Hardy, Anne is played by Michelle Williams, Carlton/Riot is played by Riz Ahmed, Dan is played by Reid Scott, and Dr. Dora Skirth is played by Jenny Slate.

A sequel, titled Venom: Let There Be Carnage, was released in the UK on September 14, 2021, and is scheduled to be released on October 1, 2021, in the United States. [3]


While it can be argued that the plot is not entirely perfect, particularly as it relates to its confounding six month time jump, the story was a refreshing delight to many viewers. The movie starts as a sci-fi horror flick about a crash-landed rocket of alien goo, but at the 38 minute mark it shifts into rom-com territory--a rom-com between Eddie Brock and the alien symbiote, Venom. Tom Hardy plays both Eddie and Venom, and half the charm of the movie is him giving the performance(s) of a lifetime. The other elements of the movie make it even more charming. Anne, whom Eddie betrays early on in the film, finds a new boyfriend, Dan, during the aforementioned six month time jump. However, rather than falling into predictable rom-com patterns, all the adults involved treat each other decently. There is no competition between Eddie and Dan for Anne. Dan, a doctor, sees that Eddie is suffering and offers to help him. Anne, though concerned for Eddie’s well-being, has no interest in getting back together with him, and even Eddie knows Anne is better off with Dan. Meanwhile, as Eddie and Venom learn more about each other, Venom not only offers Eddie solid relationship advice, but admits that the reason they no longer wish to destroy Earth is because of Eddie.

Sony subsequently acknowledged the rom-com aspect of the film by releasing a Rom-Com trailer to promote Venom's digital and BluRay release.

Venom Fandom

Fandom enthusiastically embraced Eddie/Venom immediately after the movie's release. In particular, it was embraced by fans of Xeno, Alien Kink, and Monster Fucking:

Take me back to 2018 when Venom had just come out and previously respectable blogs were out there putting Tom Hardy getting fucked by a slime monster on my tl
spideytorchedd [4]

Nearly two-thousand fics were posted to AO3 within the first two months after the movie first hit theaters in the US.[5]

There has also been a notable increase in Venom AU works since the release of the film. In these works, characters from other fandoms take on roles similar to Eddie Brock and Venom; one is the symbiote and the other, a host. There are also Venom crossovers. In some of these works, Carlton Drake successfully bonds symbiotes other than Venom, with characters from another fandom.

The first Symbrock BigBang opened for sign-ups December 1, 2018.


Eddie Brock/Venom aka Symbrock is the most popular pairing in this fandom, making up nearly 75% of fics on AO3 as of December 2018.[6]

Other popular pairings include Dan Lewis/Anne Weying, Carlton Drake/Riot, and Eddie Brock/Venom/Dan Lewis/Anne Weying.


It should be noted that Eddie and Venom are often written as a couple in several different Venom comics runs dating back to the 1990s, including the recent Venom (2016) run written by Mike Costa [7], whose opening page states, "This is a love story." Another recent story-arc revolves around them protecting their baby.[8]

In the comics, Venom is most often referred to in gender neutral terms. This is largely consistent with the film, where Venom exclusively refers to themselves as “I” and “we.” In the film, Eddie refers to Venom as “he.” In the comics, Eddie refers to Venom most frequently as his other, darling, or love.



  • "Mutualism"by Venom by duckmoles, Mutualism by Venom comes out this Tuesday. (In which Eddie and the symbiote write a book, and everyone else proceeds to freak out.)
  • Ink by monicawoe, Venom admires Eddie's tattoos.




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