Eddie Brock

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Name: Edward Charles Allan Brock (comics)
Edward Charles Brock (movies)
Occupation: Journalist, Vigilante
Relationships: Venom (lover)
Anne Weying (ex-fiancée)
Peter Parker (opponent)
Fandom: Marvel Comics, Spider-Man Trilogy, Sony's Spider-Man Universe, Venom
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Eddie Brock is a fan-favorite character in Marvel Comics and the Venom movies in Sony's Spider-Man Universe. He also appears in several animated television series, video games, and the third movie of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy (2007).

The character appears in several alternate universe titles in which the character's history, circumstances and behavior may vary slightly or extensively from the mainstream setting.



Eddie Brock first appeared in the Spider-Man comics in the 1980s. His comics backstory is that he was raised in a Roman Catholic household in San Francisco, his mother died in childbirth, and his father Carl Brock was emotionally distant. He accidentally runs over a child as a journalism student, and his father confesses to the crime in his place.

After graduation he moves to New York, marries and tries to prove himself to be a highly talented journalist. But after misidentifying a serial killer Brock is fired from his job in disgrace and divorced from his wife. Blaming Peter Parker/Spider-Man for his misfortune Brock swears revenge and he takes up bodybuilding to reduce stress but his anger and depression remain.

Contemplating suicide because his professional and personal life shattered, he goes to a church, the same one where Peter disowns Venom. The Symbiote, having waited in the rafters of the church since leaving Spider-Man, senses Brock and bonds with him, granting him powers equal and greater to those of Spider-Man, and imparting knowledge of Spider-Man's secret identity.

Writer David Michelinie and artist Todd McFarlane are generally credited with the character's creation.[note 1]

For more information about the character's Marvel Comics background, see Wikipedia.


Played by Topher Grace. Eddie is a journalist and Peter's rival at the Daily Bugle. He is exposed by Peter for creating a fake incriminating image of Spider-Man, and leaps at the opportunity to exact his revenge when he bonds with an extraterrestrial symbiote. Grace approached the character as someone under the influence, similar to an alcoholic or drug addict,[1] and interpreted him as having a bad childhood, which is the key difference between him and Peter.[2] They become a villain, seeking to destroy Peter and everything he loves most.

Played by Tom Hardy. Eddie is an investigative journalist who after being fired from the Daily Bugle and expelled from New York goes to San Francisco where he meets Anne Weying, a lawyer. But pursuing a story he uses confidential information from Anne's work leading to both their resignation and the termination of their engagement. Unlike their 2007 appearance, Eddie and Venom become an anti-hero protecting the Earth, its inhabitants and those they care about, including Anne and her new boyfriend Dan.

See Venom_(Sam_Raimi_film_series), Venom (Sony's Spider-Man Universe), and Eddie Brock on Wikipedia for more canon information.





Eddie's pairings hardly vary between the media he appears in, the most famous being Eddie Brock/Venom, followed by Eddie Brock/Anne Weying, Eddie Brock/Venom/Dan Lewis/Anne Weying and in minor occurrence Eddie Brock/Dan Lewis.

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  1. ^ The controversies about the creators of Eddie Brock read the section Publication history on the character's Wikipedia page.


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