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Synonyms: multiplicity, systems
See also: bodysharing, soulbonding
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Plurality is the state of multiple entities sharing one body. Unlike the bodysharing trope, this occurs naturally through many means.

In fandom spaces, fans themselves can be systems, and will often provide certain information on their alters or headmates. Particularly noteworthy are introjects, internalized versions of external concepts, such as real people or fictional characters.

Brief Terminology for Context

  • Alter/Headmate: an entity in a plural system.
  • Core: a system member who has been present since birth, usually the "original" person present.
  • Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID; previously Multiple Personality Disorder or Split Personality Disorder): a dissociative disorder characterized by the presence of multiple distinct identities, consciousnesses, or personalities.
  • Endogenic: a system not formed from trauma; alternatively, a system not diagnosable with DID.
  • Headspace/Innerworld: a mental world.
  • Host: the primary fronter/main alter.
  • Fictive: a headmate based on a fictional character.
  • Front: to have control of the body or be able to communicate with the outside world.
  • Integration: the (usually) permanent merging of system members or the system as a whole; alternatively, the therapeutic lowering of barriers and building of communication to allow collective functioning.
  • Introject: a headmate based on an external concept or being.
  • Little: a young headmate; an internal child.
  • Singlet: someone who is not plural.
  • Switch: to take control; to front.
  • System/Collective: the sum of headmates in a plural body.
  • Traumagenic: a system formed from trauma; alternatively, a system diagnosable with DID.

For further information, see Pluralpedia and/or Multiplicity and Plurality Wiki.


Many characters are written as plural, whether explicitly or implicitly, including characters with dissociative identity disorder, who host gods, who are temporarily possessed, who host symbiotes, who have inaccurate schizophrenia, and many more situations.


Some characters are frequently interpreted or written as plural despite it being unclear or even explicitly not present in canon.

The following fans are, appear to be, or have claimed to be plural:

  • Andrew Blake, who claimed to have dissociative identity disorder in a conversation with carlanime.[1]
  • Panopticon, who have dissociative identity disorder.
  • LB Lee, who is multiple.

Example Fanworks

The following fanworks have themes of plurality, often non-canon.



  • Vincent Revisited, which discusses the interpretation of Vincent as having a dual personality (Beauty and the Beast (TV), 1992).




  1. ^ This is referenced on the page The strange lives of Andrew Blake.