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Name: Panopticon
Alias(es): Cassandra Oakdown, Tilanay Vondrasal, TZ Gray, apprehensiveacolyte, System of Rassilon, almalexiaschild, indorilblues, shannathesiren, shannathesinger, the-siren-saga, queervelothi, newvelothis, New Velothis, oathoftruewill, Accidental Vivec, Gabriel Gray, Gabe Carter, Carterhaugh and Electric Circus, Calden Releth, Calden Sparrow, Sparrow, Innes Valentine Sparrow, Shanna Averil, many more
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls
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Panopticon is the collective name of a multiple system best known for alleged cults and harassment. They were active primarily from 2015 to 2019 and may still remain online. One of the most notable religions is the Gallifreyan Traditional Society, ran by system member Rassilon, which is covered in LB Lee's Cultiples. They also created the Reformed Temple of New Velothis[1] and Three Hearts Sanctuary, based on Elder Scrolls.


Calden is a terrible attempt at a con artist and cult leader, and honestly, at this point it seems at least partially intentional. They make no effort to truly hide their identity or activities, possibly because every “exposure” they experience can be used as further proof of what a victim they are and as an excuse to be depressed for another year or two and do nothing to get their life together. They make no effort to make amends with the people they have wronged, they send their dwindling followers after anyone who calls them out, they prey on the lonely and insecure, and they continue to try and create an insular community that revolves around them, validates them unconditionally, and that nets them fame and glory and passive income with little effort on their part. They cannot resist trying to create power, privilege, and persecution for themselves, no matter how many times it blows up in their face. This wouldn’t have been posted if it weren’t for the fact that they’re now actively recruiting minors into their attempted collective delusion.


What Cass wants is to be surrounded by people who think exactly like them - who all follow ALMSIVI, all believe Recovery from mental illness is bullshit, all believe autism is an excuse for never improving, all believe they are multiple people from other universes reincarnated, all react violently to outsiders, all gang up on people who offend them, and, of course, who all believe that Cass is the catalyst of their spiritual and personal growth, a special, gifted individual who deserves to be placed on a pedestal and tolerated infinitely. They build their friend networks accordingly, primarily online.


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