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Self-shipping or selfshipping is to ship oneself with a canon character. Self-shippers may draw themselves with their "F/O" (fictional other) or commission others to do so. They may also write fanfiction with their F/O and a self-insert, others may draw fanart or create moodboards. There is a huge range of expressing one's self-ship all the same as any other OTP or Canon x Canon ship. Selfshippers do not all identify as fictoromantic/fictosexual but many do.

There is an active self-shipping community on Tumblr, such as the blog fuck-yeah-selfships.

In Japanese fandom, the term "夢女子" (yumejoshi, "dreaming girl") is used by female self-shippers. There is a community on Reddit relating to this called r/yumejoshi.

Selfshipping is also used in Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom to mean the ship of Hao the Supreme King/Yuuki Judai.[1][2]

Common Self-Shipping Activities

This is an elaborated sampling of how self-shippers express their ship.

The most common type of self-ship post is probably the writing of imsgines to share with other self-shippers. Imagines are text posts prompting people to imagine their self-ship OTP but with generalises terms, sometimes avoiding use of pronouns, and can range in a spectrum of broadly relatable to specific target audiences or niches.

Other common posts include ask games to prompt people sharing art, imagines, headcanons or similar of the self (or self-insert) and F/O, storylines for one's specific self-shipping scenario. Another common community activity for self-shippers is "show me a picture of your F/O and I will relate them to something else based on how they look or what I think they're like", these can be songs, foods, date ideas, tarot cards, or anything else the OP may be interested in.

Discourse and Selflovingly Community

At some point on Tumblr, discourse started on what was and wasn't acceptable in the world of selfshipping. Some common complaints were adults with minor F/Os or other age gaps, such as an older teenager and younger teenager. Another issue was people with sexist or otherwise bigoted F/Os.[3]

All of this led to the creation of the Selflovingly community.[4] The Selflovingly community banned cishets posting in the tag, F/Os from racist canons, age gap relationships and other things. The community was criticized for being controlling and hostile by selfshippers.[5] However, others defended the Selflovingly community, saying they "do not agree with what the self ship community is and has become."[1][Dead link]

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