Taxi (TV)

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Name: Taxi
Creator: James L. Brooks, Stan Daniels, David Davis
Date(s): 1978-1983
Medium: Television series
Country of Origin: USA
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Taxi is an American sitcom. The series focuses on the everyday lives of a handful of New York City taxi drivers and their abusive dispatcher.[1]


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Andy Kaufman's portrayal of mechanic Latka Gravas stole the show for a lot of viewers as he went from background bit character to one of the main players with his own character arc in which he developed dissociative identity disorder (referred to at the time as multiple personality disorder). This arc mainly existed for Kaufman to show off his broader range of acting skills as he was bored with simply playing the same character every episode, and Latka's alter egos disappeared in time for him to marry his love interest Simka. However, Latka's main alter ego "Vic Ferrari" hit memetic status during the 90s while Nick at Nite was airing the reruns.


Alex/Elaine was hinted at several times throughout the run of the show, but nothing was ever made official. Canon pairings include John/Suzanne (season 1 only), Louie/Zena, and Latka/Simka.


Kristi has written an Alex/Elaine fic archived at Classic TV Fan Fiction.[2]


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