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Name: Free!
Abbreviation(s): Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club (English)
Creator: Kyoto Animation, Animation DO, Koji Oji
Date(s): July 4, 2013 (season one), July 2, 2014 (season two)
Medium: anime, novel
Country of Origin: Japan
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Free! (Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club) is a sports anime by Kyoto Animation surrounding the lives of High School swimmers. It premiered on July 3, 2013 and it is based on High☆Speed!, a novel by Kouji Ouji. The show follows a group of four male swimmers, all in high school, who start a competitive swim club at their high-school.

The anime became a reality after a commercial garnered widespread attention on the internet, especially from yaoi fans on Tumblr.

The first season of the show started on July 4, 2013, and had a twelve episode run, ending on September 26. A second season, dubbed Eternal Summer! was later confirmed[1] and aired on July 2, 2014, completing the series in September.[2]

The show also has several extras/side stories, light novels, and a prequel film titled High Speed! -Free! Starting Days-' which aired on December 5, 2015.


The fandom for Free! sprung up literally overnight. In March 2013 a commercial by Kyoto Animation, which had been created to try out animating 2-D water, aired during episode 10 of Tamako Market.[3] It quickly spawned a fanbase on Tumblr, Pixiv and elsewhere within 48 hours of its release, due almost entirely to the attractive shirtless Bishōnen featured in it.[4][5] The fandom was quickly dubbed "Swimming Anime" before it was an official show and its actual name was revealed.[2]

Responses to the commercial, and show, have included role-playing blogs, fan art, videos, and fanfiction. Like many anime shows with a predominantly male cast, it has garnered a large following of yaoi fans. The series is know for it's fanservice focusing on male characters, which appeals to a female audience which technically being a shounen anime.

In Ocotber 2014, Free! reached 5,900 works on Archive of Our Own, becoming one of the top 5 most tagged Anime & Manga fandoms on the site when it surpassed Kuroko no Basuke. The fandom stayed in the top 5 until October 2015, when it was surpassed by Haikyuu!! reaching over 10,800 works.

Main Characters

Significant supporting characters:


The majority are slash (yaoi) pairings.[6] There was a major Ship War between the RinHaru and MakoHaru fandoms, however tensions have cooled over time.

Major Pairings

  • Makoto/Haruka - MakoHaru
  • Rin/Haruka - Also known as RinHaru.
  • Rei/Nagisa - Also known as Reigisa or NagiRei. They have around 2,000 works on Ao3.[7] This is a generally uncontroversial ship and is often featured as a background ship in fics for other pairings.
  • Sousuke/Rin - SouRin. Gained popularity during Season 2.

Other Common Pairings

  • Sousuke/Makoto - SouMako
  • Rin/Nitori - Rintori
  • Makoto/Rin - MakoRin
  • Sousuke/Haruka - SouHaru
  • Rin/Rei - RinRei
  • Haruka/Rei - ReiHaru/HaruRei
  • Haruka/Water - HaruH2O
  • Seijurou/Gou: SeiGou
  • Haruka/Gou - HaruGou
  • Seijurou/Makoto - SeiMako
  • Kisumi/Makoto - KisuMako
  • Kisumi/Haruka - KisuHaru
  • Haruka/Nagisa - Harugisa
  • Momotarou/Nitori - MomoTori
  • Ikuya/Haruka - IkuHaru
  • Hiyori/Ikuya - HiyoIku
  • Isuzu/Gou - IsuGou

Common OT3s

  • Makoto/Haruka/Rin - MakoHaruRin/Marinka
  • Sousuke/Makoto/Kisumi - SouMakoKisu

Example Fanworks

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