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Name: 黒子のバスケ
Kuroko no Basuke
"Kuroko's Basketball"
Abbreviation(s): KuroBasu
Creator: Tadatoshi Fujimaki
Date(s): December 2008 - September 2014 (manga); April 2012 – June 2015 (manga)
Medium: manga, anime adaptation
Country of Origin: Japan
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Kuroko no Basuke (黒子のバスケ), or Kuroko's Basketball, is a shounen sports manga series published in Weekly Shounen Jump. It was adapted into an anime in 2012, and was renewed for a second season in 2013.


In summary, Kuroko No Basuke (黒子のバスケ), or Kuroko's Basketball, revolves around a partner duo, Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami, and their struggle to overcome myriads of opponents in order to achieve victory in the Winter Cup (a national finale in which high school teams within Japan compete in the winter season for the number one title).

At least, that's the basic interpretation. Following the tragic events of Teiko Middle School's Basketball Team, Tetsuya Kuroko, the Phantom of Teiko, dedicates himself to one purpose; making his friends (known as the Generation of Miracles, and the Kiseki No Sedai) remember the excitement of playing basketball together, instead of individually. Taiga Kagami, a freshman at Seirin High School and classmate of Tetsuya, is a bright beacon of hope for the former Teiko member. Together, the two enroll in Seirin's Basketball Club and strive to be number one.

The opponents include the Generation of Miracles: Ryota Kise, Shintarou Midorima, Daiki Aomine, Atsushi Murasakibara, and Seijuuro Akashi. Not to mention the Uncrowned Kings such as Teppei Kiyoshi and Makoto Hanamiya.


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Slash is very popular in Kuroko no Basuke fandom, as is common in other sports anime fandoms. The most popular slash pairings are Kagami/Kuroko, Akashi/Furihata, Aomine/Kagami, and Midorima/Kazunari. Shipping all of the members of the Generation of Miracles with Kuroko Tetsuya is also a popular polyship configuration.



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In late 2012, a number of locations linked to Kuroko no Basuke or its creator Tadatoshi Fujimaki received threatening letters containing powder or liquid substances. Several Kuroko no Basuke doujinshi events were canceled, delayed, or cut short due to these threats.

Comiket banned Kuroko no Basuke material from its December 2012 event in response to a threat it received, disqualifying approximately 900 doujinshi circles that had registered for the event. It was reported that Comiket would lose over 10 million yen in refunded entrance fees and additional security due to the treat.[1][2]

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