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Weekly Shounen Jump (週刊少年ジャンプ shuukan shounen janpu), often known simply as Shounen Jump in English-speaking fandom, is the most popular and widely-read manga magazine in Japan. Running since 1968 and boasting a readership in the millions, SJ publishes shounen comics ostensibly aimed at preteen to teen boys; but people of all ages enjoy the magazine's various titles, and Jump has an extensive fangirl following both in Japan and worldwide. Manga titles serialized in Shounen Jump (generally at one 12~20 page chapter per week) are periodically collected into compilation volumes known as tankoubon, and anime adaptations of the magazine's most popular titles are commonplace.

In addition to the original Japanese publication, translated versions of the Shounen Jump magazine are published in the United States, locations in Europe, and elsewhere. The contents of these magazines usually differ significantly from Shounen Jump in Japan, most often consisting of series from SJ's back catalog of famous manga titles.

Notable Series