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Synonyms: circle (サークル),
doujinshi circle (同人誌サークル),
doujin circle (同人サークル),
doujinshi creator/writer/artist
See also: doujinshi, doujinka
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A doujinshi circle (同人誌サークル), commonly shortened to just circle (サークル), is a group which creates doujinshi. People who are in a circle are called doujinka.

The term "group" can be misleading since circles can consist of only one doujinka. In Japanese fandom, one-person doujinshi efforts are often called kojin circles (個人サークル) or "personal circles", and their products are sometimes referred to as kojinshi (個人誌). These terms have not carried over to English-speaking fandom.

A circle might be similar to a "publisher" in zine fandom; in doujinshi fandom, however, "publisher" refers to the commercial printing company that prints and binds the doujinshi.