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Synonyms: circle (サークル),
doujinshi circle (同人誌サークル),
doujin circle (同人サークル),
doujinshi creator/writer/artist
See also: doujinshi, doujinka
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A doujinshi circle (同人誌サークル), commonly shortened to just circle (サークル), is a group of artists or writers which creates doujinshi. People who are in a circle are called doujinka. The term "group" can be misleading since circles can consist of only one doujinka. Some authors may have multiple circles they publish under. Other authors may reuse their pen names as the names of their one-person circles.

In Japanese fandom, one-person doujinshi efforts are often called kojin circles (個人サークル) or "personal circles", and their products are sometimes referred to as kojinshi (個人誌). This can happen because conventions tend to assume all participating distributors to be groups, even if in name only. These terms have not carried over to English-speaking fandom.

A circle might be similar to a "publisher" in zine fandom; in doujinshi fandom, however, "publisher" refers to the commercial printing company that prints and binds the doujinshi.