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Synonyms: doujinshi creator/writer/artist, doujinshika
See also: doujinshi, doujinshi circle
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A doujinka (同人家) is someone who creates doujinshi. This can involve drawing, writing, editing, and putting together a doujinshi volume. A circle is a group of doujinka working together, though sometimes the "group" consists of only one person.

The term doujinshika (同人誌家) is occasionally used instead of doujinka, in both Japanese and English.[note 1] However, the term doujinka is in substantially wider use, both by doujinka themselves and by fans, and in both Japanese and English.[note 2][note 3] Since use of doujinshika is so limited, some fans consider it to be incorrect.

More common terms in Japanese for fic authors and fan artists who distribute physical copies of their works include 同人作家 (doujin sakka) and 同人 (doujin).


  1. ^ For an example of usage in English, the large Fanlisting site uses "doujinshika". [1]
  2. ^ Comparing the Japanese terms using Google, there are 24,300 hits for "同人誌家" (doujinshika) to 185,000 hits for "同人家" (doujinka). Additionally, doujinshika appears to include many hits which have punctuation between doujinshi and ka, so the actual count is less than 24,300. Note: For a better sample of Japanese usage I also checked, which puts Japanese pages on top, to confirm that the term has seen usage in Japanese. Search performed with quotes, and retrieved 2010 March 29.
  3. ^ Comparing the English terms using Google, there are 13,000 hits for "doujinshika" to the substantially larger 3,430,000 hits for "doujinka". Search retrieved 2010 March 29.


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