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Name: Baka Updates
Fandom: anime and manga
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Baka-Updates is a site that documents fansubs and their creators. As stated on the site itself: "Baka-Updates is a free service brought to you by fellow anime fans. This site focuses on updates and news about the most recent anime releases by the digital fansubbing groups."[1]

The sister site is known as Manga Updates or Baka-Updates Manga. The site describes itself thus: "Baka-Updates is a site dedicated to bringing the anime and manga community the latest release information. It is our goal here in the manga section to make sure you know when another edition of your favorite manga has been released."[2]

Site Content

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On October 13, 2016, closed down, but "Baka-Updates Manga" at continued operation.[3]

Impact on Fandom

Both sites are key sources of English-language information on obscure anime and manga. In particular, both are used by many fansubbers and scanlators to keep track of which series have been licensed or picked up by other groups and to lay claim to their own future projects. The sites feature active recruiting forums along with more general discussion forums.

These sites are significant to anime and manga fandom not only in that they help to popularize fan-translated series and raise interest in untranslated ones but also in that they disseminate information on scanlation/fansubbing ethics and techniques. They serve as one of the major entry points for newbies who want to get into either practice.


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