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Title: 50% OFF
Creator: Octopimp
Date(s): Aug 19, 2013 – Jul 13, 2016
Medium: Video
Fandom: Free!
External Links: 50z5 OFF full playlist
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50% OFF is an abridged series and parody of the sports anime Free!.


In typical abridged series fashion, 50% OFF is much more of a black comedy than the original Free!. Many of the character's personalities are rewritten to fit with this new tone. For example, Nagisa Hazuki, who was a cheerful and mischievous boy in the original show is depicted as a tattooed gangbanger who speaks in a stereotypical "angry black man" voice, smart boy Rei is a serial killer, and protagonist Haru has multiple personalities, who feud throughout the series and even end up killing each other. Unlike most abridged series, the episodes are re-edited to be much shorter, only lasting 3-5 minutes in comparison to the original's 23-minute average.

50% OFF only covers the first season of Free! and consists of 19 episodes. The project was officially canceled in 2020 after a three-year hiatus.


50% OFF was wildly popular, with the first episode having over 3 million views as of April 2022. Funimation even referenced the series in their casting announcement for the English dub of Free!, describing Nagisa as "definitely-not-a-thug"[1] as a reference to his characterization in 50% OFF.

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