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Dub is a term that refers to a soundtrack replaced or voice track added to an existing film, to make it understandable in a different language. The most common usage is for Japanese anime to be dubbed into English, but the term is also used for any media made available in a different language from the original. It's an alternative to Subbing.

See Anime and Fandub for more info.

Good Dubs and Bad Dubs

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Sometimes dubs are so bad that they become funny. Watching with the original audio and subs may be preferred for an authentic viewing experience, but the bad dub can be appreciated by the fandom as a joke.

For example, this video of the Neon Genesis Evangelion dub was posted with the caption: "in honor of netflix redubbing neon genesis evangelion, we must take a moment to pay our respects to the god that is the original dub."

4Kids is infamous for their highly-inaccurate dubs.

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