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Looking at this page, I think there's a lot that could be mentioned:

  • history of dubbing: the differences in priorities & methods with early dubs vs later dubs
  • how has simulcasting affected dubs (and are subs affected in the same way or has this broadened the differences between the two?
  • common misconceptions about dubs/dubbing
  • some key "bad dubs/moments", dubs that have caused outrage among fans (I think the "Bad Dubs" section could be expanded/folded into this)
    • using this to lead into what makes a good dub/what do fans & the industry value in a dub? (Should a dub strive to change as little as possible of an anime, or embrace the fact that it's remaking a work? How does that apply for children anime vs anime for adults? Is "Ghost Stories" a bad dub? What's the balance between changing the script to facilitate *voice acting* and sticking with the script to preserve original intent?)
  • dubs relationship to abridged series

And probably more!

One thing I think is important to keep clear when adding this info is what language dubbing we're talking about, aka most of what I listed above I know about through the English-speaking anime community, and I think we should make that clear to leave room for people to add info on the non-English, non-anime communities. –GoldenFalls (talk) 21:24, 30 August 2019 (UTC)