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Name/s: GoldenFalls
Fandom/s: many
You can find me at: AO3 | Pleroma (not!Twitter) | Pillowfort | Sufficient Velocity | Reddit | I also use Discord
On Fanlore: My contributions / email me

Hi all!

My username is GoldenFalls, and I've been going by that name in fannish spaces since 2010 when I joined I first found fanfiction in the forums for the Pokemon website, and transitioned to when I saw someone (Farla) posted mainly on that site. There I became a multi-fandom reader, though I was hesitant to write anything because I couldn't think about what to write about. I eventually got an AO3 account in 2013 and have since pretty much exclusively used the site to read fanfiction. I became a volunteer tag wrangler in late 2016, and have been proudly wrangling ever since. Additionally, I'm part of a volunteer group helping to digitize old Star Trek zines to preserve that fannish content which is so often lost. I talk about fanfiction on Sufficient Velocity, the r/fanfiction reddit, and Tumblr (though really I prefer not to use that site. SV is a lot better for communicating!).

I have written some fanfiction, but never completed it or felt good enough about it to post it, but I hope to some day! Primarily, I'm a reader, and I read fanfiction every day I have internet access. (You could say I'm addicted.) My tastes run towards crossovers and away from memetic shipping, though I do like stories that explore the characters through their relationships with each other. I also make spreadsheets for various fannish purposes (lots of wrangling needs, and I'm working on a spreadsheet for this SV thread to keep track of proposed fic) and write some site and work skins for AO3.