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Name: Greywolf the Wanderer
Alias(es): greywolf, GreywolfdeVulCheq[1]
Type: Fan Writer
Fandoms: Star Trek: The Original Series
Other: Greywolf's Lair aka. Greywolf's Stories
URL: Greywolf at K/S Archive
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Greywolf the Wanderer was an active and popular member of ASCEML, also belonged to ASC. He last posted to ASCEML in June 2004.

As well as Star Trek: The Original Series K/S fanwriter, and until 2018 Greywolf is still active at the K/S Archive publishing reviews in several Kirk/Spock stories.

Greywolf was Dean of Vulcan Studies TrekSmut University, Berkeley Campus under the name GreywolfdeVulCheq.[1]


In March 2000 Greywolf participated in an interview series on the COCO CHANNEL, explaining that he had been a fan of the TV series when it first aired and had become a fan of K/S in his teens.

"I've been writing ever since I was 11. I write because I have all these stories busting to get out, and I have to write 'em down. Prior to that I was the Storyteller for my sister and my next-door-neighbor kids; we used to make up Trek stories and playact them. When I was real little, like six or seven, I used to play with my pipe-cleaner men and toy soldiers, and make up stories that they would act out. I can't remember ever not making up stories."

He only became involved with other fans in the mid-1990s but said

I could never find anyone else who saw what I did on the screen, until I got into UseNet near the end of 1996. My RL Trekfan friends thought I was fucking nuts. But then one day I found a.s.c., and *then* I found Killa's marvelous story "Turning Point"[1]

Fans Comment

[Fizzbin at alt.startrek.creative]
Greywolf... what can I say? "O Captain! My Captain!" would be a good start, I guess. ("We're not worthy" would be my second comment.) Greywolf is *the* master of hurt/comfort and an inspiration for anyone aspiring to write K/S. Again, I can't remember what he posted where, but I'm certain that "The Lost Sailor" appeared on ASC, so I'll start with that. This story is Greywolf at his best -- the voices of Kirk and Spock have never sounded so right as they do in this piece, and his characterizations are dead on. I've read this piece a half-dozen times by now, and I'm still not certain how he gets Spock to be both so competent and so vulnerable at the same time. And for someone who claims to be a Spockologist, he sure does have Kirk's persona nailed as well! I look forward to every story he posts and save them for leisurely weekend reading over a pot of espresso and a stack of cinnamon scones. All you folks that are devoted to other series would do well to take a side trip into Greywolf's den -- VOY fans, especially, will love "A Box of Rain". "China Cat Sunflower" offers a rare moment of accord between McCoy and Spock. "Choices" is a must read that takes the boys beyond K/S. "In Love With Your Ghost" is a heartbreaking music video -- bring your hankies. The two parts of "Wish You Were Here" are the kind of love letters that I wish I could write. Finally, Greywolf gets a big vote from me for labeling the S/Mc universe of "Sugar Magnolia" as an A/U![2]
[Laura Jacquez Valentine at alt.startrek.creative]
Here I have to restrain myself from blabbing on and on. Greywolf is one of the writers whose work has the most effect on me: his visions, his adept use of narrative, and his distinctive personality mark every piece he writes. His stories are not so much stories as glimpses into his heart. I remember reading "Deep Elem Blues" and having dreams about it for weeks afterwards. Such profound effects are the signature of an artist.[3]

Notable Work

  • ASCEM FAQ Maintainer (2000-2002)
  • The Best New Author award in the ASCEM Golden Orgasms is named after him.
  • 1997 Third Place, Best TOS Story, Deep Elem Blue[4]
  • 1997 Second Place, Best TOS Multiple, Christmas Party[5][4]
  • 1998[6], 1999[7], 2000[8] Captain Jinx Award, Best Author, Golden Orgasms
  • 1998 Best Spock/McCoy, The Other One and Second Place, Best Spock/McCoy, Sugar Magnolia [6]
  • 1998 Best Kirk/Spock/McCoy, Choices[9]; Second Place, Best Kirk/Spock/McCoy, Be Mine[10][6]
  • 1998 Best VOY Miscellaneous Slash, A Box of Rain[6]
  • 1998 Second Place, Best TSU Story, Aspects Of Vulcan Biology For the Non-Vulcan Student Of Anatomy; Third Place, Best TSU Story, Blues for the Wolf Man[6]
  • 1998 Second Place, Best TOS Challenge, Not Fade Away[6]
  • 1998 Third Place, Best Kirk/Spock, Lost Sailor[6]
  • 1999[7], 2000[8], 2001[11] First Place, Best TOS Author
  • 1999 Second Place, Ruth Gifford Award for Non-Authorial Contributions[7]
  • 1999 Second Place, Best Story, and Best TOS Multi Part, and Best Kirk/Spock Multi Part, and Best TOS Multipart, And in the Darkness Bind You[7]
  • 1999 Best TOS Suite/Round Robin, Signal/Noise[12][7]
  • 1999 Best TOS Rude Person, Rude Person Wambaugh[7]
  • 1999 Second Place, Best TOS Single Part, and Third Place, Best Kirk/Spock Single Part, The Naughty Cabin Boy[7]
  • 1999 Second Place, Best Kirk/Spock Multi Part, Ripple[7]
  • 1999 Best Spock/f, and Best TOS Het Multipart, Dark Star[7]
  • 2000 Best TOS Poem/Song, Not Like This[8]
  • 2000 Third Place, Best Story, and Best TOS Story, and Best TOS Slash, and Second Place, Best TOS Multi Part, Morning Dew[8]
  • 2000 Second Place, Best TOS "Getting to Know You", GTKY: Mirror Spock[8]
  • 2000 Second Place, Best Spock/f, China Doll[11]
  • 2001 Second Place, Best TOS Slash, Best TOS M/M Slash, and Third Place, Best TOS Story, Jack-a-roe[11]
  • 2001 Best Kirk/Spock Single Part, and Third Place, Best TOS Slash, Fire and Rain[11]

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