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Name: TrekSmut University, TSU
Owner/Maintainer: Jen Chapman
Dates: March 4, 1998 – December 22, 2010[1] (last archive page)
Type: Fan Fiction, Meta, RPG
Fandom: Star Trek
URL: TSU (main site)[2][note 1]
TSU (mirror site)[3]
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"Ex Astris Amor..."

TrekSmut University or TSU was a shared fictional universe created by a number of Star Trek fans who were active on ASCEM in the late '90s. Somewhat similar to an RPG, the universe featured a fictional university devoted to the study of Star Trek fan fiction. The fans involved wrote fiction and interacted with one another while essentially playing themselves.

From the FAQ: "TSU stands for "TrekSmut University". It is the invention of ASCEM(L) denizen Jen Chapman, but anyone is welcome to play along. TSU is a virtual institution of higher learning dedicated to the study of TrekSmut in all its forms. In other words, TSU is a virtual community wherein the denizens of ASCEM(L) can hang out and get to know one another's screen personae. TSU is not a clique or a country club. Instead it is an organic community that only works because so many people have added their own unique ideas to the mix."

TSU posted their own history page. While the direct link is offline as of 11/17/2012, an alternative page can be found here.[4]

A similar community was X-Files University.

Some Dates Regarding Online Happenings

Some History: The Term "Treksmut"

"The term "Treksmut" was coined by Ruth during the discussion for the creation of ASCE, when the name alt.startrek.creative.treksmut was put forward by her as a potential way to avoid the spam problem. While the name was decided against, the term caught on to the point where the mailing list was name "Better Living through Treksmut" or BLTs"

For more information, see Treksmut.

Some History: TrekSmut University

TSU came about as a result of fans responding to the influx of college students and aca-fans who were interested in studying fan behavior. There was a backlash from many fans, who weren't interested in being part of a study and resented the intrusion, and then a corresponding backlash from fans who supported the study of fandom as a practice. A third group of fans active on ASCEM(L) at the time declined to participate in TSU activities due to a lack of interest in and identification with the aca-fan label. TSU was inclusive and open to all members of ASCEM(L).

Another description:

TSU, or TrekSmut University, was founded with group members networking and posting humorous but informative messages written in parody of educational lectures, or as if interacting with each other in a brick and mortar college. While TSU was never specific to K/S, “classes” of interest to K/S writers might include “Aspects of Vulcan Biology for the Non-Vulcan Student of Anatomy” written by Greywolf, the Dean of Vulcan Studies, or Jungle Kitty’s “Introduction to Kirkology.” Says Arachnethe2, “It started with a post about walking with a camera, doing a report about [the hypothetical] TrekSmut University, talking with various members of ASCEM about educating the younger generation about writing slash, and various Star Trek characters. Needless to say, I loved her post so much that I wrote something similar myself. Other people started doing the same and the whole TSU sort of exploded on us. It was the source of greatest fun and for myself, it was my happiest time online ever, and I haven’t experienced anything similar since then. Perhaps because this whole thing was just perfect.” [11]

Some Works

In 1998, JA Chapman posted a tongue-in-cheek 'screenplay' that described the field of study at TrekSmut University or TSU, starring various regular ASCEM posters. This was the start of a shared universe to which many authors contributed. All the TSU stories are archived in their own category at Trekiverse.

Participants of TSU who were represented in Jen Chapman's play included Ruth Gifford, Sophie BGM, Greywolf the Wanderer, Robin Lawrie, Sabine, Laura Jacquez Valentine and others.

Some of the original posts can be found by searching alt.startrek.creative.erotica.moderated under TSU or TrekSmut.


The official motto is "Ex Astris, amor" (or "From The Stars, Love").

On the main website, the banner reads: "Infinite Diversity through Infinite Perversity" which is a play on StarTtrek's IDIC.

The School Song

The School Song, "Oh TSU!" and is written by Robin Lawrie, and sung to the tune of "Danny Boy."[1]

Oh TSU; the subs, the subs are calling,
So grab a whip, and keep those guys in line.
It will not do, to wear the leathers in the mist,
But rubberwear looks good in rain or shine.
On TSU, Home Depot trucks parked in our drive,
On TSU, we've angst and smut and beer.
On TSU, you'll never walk a lonely path,
On TSU, a Mary Sue will walk with you.
Oh TSU; the wolf, the wolf is howling.
The car door slammed, and caught his tail again,
But Spock and Kirk, will kiss his boo boo better -
Don't stop there!" our Greywolf doth command.
On TSU, the jello never fails to set,
On TSU, we buy it by the ton.
On TSU, we make the world a happy place.
On TSU, a bottom's work is never done."

2000 Faculty and Staff

Notable "Lectures" (Essays)

The bulk of TSU essays were meant to be tongue in cheek (ex: "Introduction to Kirkology/Aspects of Vulcan biology" and " Introduction to Arboreal Disciplines"). However, a few historical essays were posted.


Notes & References


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