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Name: The X-Files University, School of Slashology/Gay Studies, College of Interdisciplinary Studies, XFU
Date(s): 1998-2000
Moderator: Rebecca B.
Founder: Amy Lang
Fandom: X-Files
URL: WayBack Archive link to the X-Files University
~Veritas est ibi foris~
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The X-Files University, School of Slashology/Gay Studies, College of Interdisciplinary Studies was a fan-created 'faux' university where fans could earn a degree in studies about X-Files.

A similar community was TrekSmut University.

"'Veritas Est Ibi Foris" - Latin for "The Truth Is Out There.' It's our university's motto."


"Welcome to the first School of Higher Education for The X-Files on the Internet. This University was formed to present X-Philes with an actual degree to show for all their knowledge. If we were spending as much time in a regular school, we'd all be proud holders of an X-PhD (Doctorate of the X-Files)". Write about X-Files, submit it, then you can tell people you have a degree in X-Files knowledge!"

The site listed the topics that you could can earn degrees in, their guidelines, and then published the results of those already "enrolled" along with the names of those who 'graduated'. A selection from the Course Catalog:

The site also had a 'Student Center' (with bulletin boards, online chat rooms and a mailing list) along with a Downloads section where students could download research material (video snippets of the cast along with scenes from the show). Some of the schools chose to teach classes through Internet Relay Chat or IRC while others used email or their web pages.


A list of the completed thesis sorted by author can be found: here.

A list of the completed thesis sort by subject can be found at: here.

Some sample essays:


Some excerpts from their very lengthy FAQ:

Q. What is The X-Files University?

A. The X-Files University, or XFU, ( is our attempt to offer all on-line fans of "The X-Files" an opportunity to take their love of the show to a whole new level. Although we do not offer "real" university degrees, the amount of work and talent represented by our archives may one day stand as a testament to the greatness that is "The X-Files". Chris Carter's creation is not just a television show but a phenomenon.

Our students, guided by our knowledgeable faculty, are required to submit theses and essays to "earn" degree(s) of Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate. (More on this later.) All qualified essays are displayed at our Dean's List archives. These archives will be a valuable resource for X-Philes in terms of research, entertainment, and knowledge.

Q. Is the XFU an actual, accredited university? If so, how much is tuition?

A. The XFU is not an accredited university. We were established for entertainment purposes only and charge absolutely nothing for being involved. There is no money changing hands. Period. However, as you will soon discover, we still take our duties and responsibilities seriously.

Q. How old do I have to be to join the XFU?

A. There is no age limit at the XFU. Any one of any age can become involved.

Q. Is the XFU officially associated with "The X-Files" or Fox?

A. No. No one with the XFU is in any way associated with "The X-Files", Ten-Thirteen Productions, or Twentieth Century Fox. We mean no copyright infringement or disrespect. In fact, just the opposite. We love the show to death. That's why we're here!

Q. How is the XFU set up? Who's in charge of what? What's the difference between a dean and a department head?

A. The XFU is divided into various schools or colleges (e.g., The School of Fanfic General Studies or the College of Fox Mulder). Each school/college is headed by a dean. Many schools have further divisions called departments (e.g., The Langly Studies Department within the College of the Lone Gunmen). Each of these is controlled by a department head. Though the department head has a great deal of authority over his/her department, the dean has final say over the school and the students within it.

Q. Who are the head honchos at the XFU?

A. Amy Lang [email protected] is the president and founder of the XFU. Rebecca Bateman [email protected] is the vice-president. Elizabeth Marin [email protected] and Elaine Wong [email protected] are the Student Representatives. Jaime Brazil [email protected] and Reade [email protected] are the Faculty Representatives. For a complete listing of XFU faculty, check out the Faculty Profiles page ( [2]


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