Thomas Sanders

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Name: Thomas Sanders
Also Known As:
Occupation: YouTube personality, actor, singer
Medium: Vine, YouTube
Works: Sanders Sides
Official Website(s): YouTube
Fan Website(s):
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Thomas Sanders is an internet vlogger, entertainer and actor made famous on the social media app Vine, later migrating to YouTube.


Fans of Thomas call themselves Fanders.

Sander Sides

Main Article: Sanders Sides

Thomas created a popular scripted web series featuring characters representing different parts of his personality, and it has spawned its own fandom.

Creator Response

Thomas often appreciates his fan's activities featuring fan art and pictures of cosplay in his videos. He also encourages fan participation in videos like Real or Fake Anime where fans create a short summary of an anime and Thomas has to guess whether it is a "real" anime or a "fake" fan made anime.


Fan Art


Fan Vids