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Name: Sanders Shorts
Creator: Thomas Sanders
Date(s): April 2013 - present
Medium: web series
Country of Origin: United States
External Links: YouTube playlist
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Sanders Shorts is the official name of the "universe" created by vlogger Thomas Sanders that his Vines and other short videos exist in. When the platform Vine shut down, Thomas continued to make short videos that he cross-posted on his various medias (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.) and uploaded to YouTube in monthly collections called "Sanders Shorts".


The short videos are made so that no prior knowledge of canon is required to enjoy them. Many characters are depicted in ordinary clothing with a paper sign on their chest explaining what they represent.

Thomas has confirmed that, although his Sanders Sides characters were inspired by several of his Vine characters, the Shorts universe is separate from the Sides universe. In a comment from Thomas Sander's official Tumblr: [Previous comment: "Thomas mentioned on Twitter that the Anxiety shown here and in other shorts is not the same as Virgil. He’s the concept rather than a side to Thomas’ personality."]

Correct! My regret now is using the old outfit at all. Should have just been a piece of paper but I felt he needed /some/ sort of character to balance with sleep. These are for the Sanders Shorts universe alone, NOT Sanders Sides. These characters are just the embodiment of the concepts of sleep and anxiety. The Sides have been shown to embody more than simply the original aspects they started as, which is why we named them. These characters don’t have names and are completely outside of the Sanders Sides universe. Apologies for the confusion. Boy, never did I think I would have to write an explanation for a little short video to course-correct my YouTube “lore” lol.

Reoccurring Characters

  • Pranks
  • Misleading Compliments
  • Teacher Guy
  • Dad Guy
  • Prince Guy
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep
  • October
  • Brain
  • Heart


Sanders Sides, Cartoon Therapy, and the Sanders Shorts all exist in separate universes, however many Sanders Sides fanfics include these characters. The most common of these are Dr. Emile Picani and Sleep "Remy" Sanders (Ship name: Remile).

A large portion of the fandom latched onto the Sleep character (nicknamed Remy) and pestered Thomas to make him an official Side. Thomas has stated several times that Sleep is not part of the official Sanders Sides universe, however the character has become so popular that Thomas now offers a sleep mask in his merch store that is inspired by the paper nametag Sleep wears.

Vine/Shorts Characters' Nicknames

During the "content drought" of summer 2018 (when Thomas was taking a break from producing long, intricate videos), some of the fans coped by nicknaming every identifiable character from the Vines and Sanders Shorts.

  • Misleading Compliments = Missy
  • Teacher = Teal
  • Dad = Dayd
  • Prince = Pryce
  • Antagonist = Anton (Prince's nemesis)
  • Anxiety = Andy
  • Sleep = Remy (from the REM cycle during sleeping)
  • October = Toby
  • September = Seth/Ember
  • The Slow-Motion Crimefighter (Slow Mo Guy) = Nate/Chris (Nathan Christopher Sanders gets his name from procrastination. ProCHRIStiNATEtion, if you will)
  • Brain = Brian
  • Heart = Hart/Harley
  • Immune System = Immy/Imani
  • Sun = Apollo (Greek God of the sun)
  • Moon = Jericho (Jericho is an old Canaanite city whose name, some theorize, originates from the Canaanite word for "moon")
  • Microwave = Mike
  • Stove = Steve
  • Blender = Blendan
  • Printer = Jet/Percy/Magenta
  • Evil Sticker = Dr. Sticker

Other Characters' Nicknames

  • Linda is the official name of Thomas's random hair that never stays in place, coined by Thomas himself.
  • Marco is the official name of Joan's orange beanie.
  • The Critic from Thomas's series "Stress to Impress" has been nicknamed Dice (after the the Greek god of judgement), and is considered to be Remy's sibling due to a tweet Thomas made.


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