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Synonyms: Webseries, YouTube series
See also: Fanvid, Vidding
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A web series (sometimes written webseries) is a series of episodic videos, usually with an overarching narrative, published to the internet. Web series may be produced by large corporations such as Microsoft or Netflix, or by independent creators.

Originating in the 1990s, web series have become more prominent and popular throughout the 2000s as creating, hosting and viewing high-quality online videos has become much cheaper and easier. Fan-created web series have similarly begun to gain more popularity over the past decade or two as a form of fan activity. As web series' popularity grows, more and more independent projects start to seek community backing. Many successful series relied on Patreon or Kickstater campaigns to cover production costs.

Fannish web series could be seen as an extension of vidding culture or as an independent phenomenon, similar to how fannish webcomics are both related to and separate from print fancomics.

Notable Fannish Web Series


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