Red vs. Blue

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Name: Red vs. Blue
Abbreviation(s): RvB
Creator: Rooster Teeth Productions (Burnie Burns et al.)
Date(s): 2003-present
Medium: machinima web series
Country of Origin: United States
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Red vs. Blue is a long-running machinima web series that is animated with the video game Halo.


It originally started out as an extremely cracky comedy series featuring two opposing military teams but it soon developed an overarching plot and emotional depth.

The series makes use of a bug in the game to show characters' heads nodding while speaking. The series is so popular that after the Halo game makers fixed the bug, they unfixed it again just for RvB.[citation needed]


The Reconstruction, Recreation, and Revelation arcs as well as The Project Freelancer Saga are generally thought to have drawn in a lot of new fans to the fic writing side of fandom, although opinions differ on whether the "true" RvB is more focused on plot or humor. Fans who are intimidated by the length of the canon are sometimes advised to skip the first five seasons and start with Reconstruction, while other fans are vehemently against the idea.

Fanart is particularly popular in the fandom, presumably because artists enjoy coming up with different facecanons.


According to AO3 tags, the most popular pairings in descending order of popularity are:

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