Agent Maine/Agent Washington

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Pairing: Agent Maine/Agent Washington
Alternative name(s): MaineWash
Gender category: M/M
Fandom: Red vs. Blue
Canonical?: no
Prevalence: popular
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Agent Maine/Agent Washington is a slash pairing of Agent Maine and Agent Washington from Red vs. Blue.



Different interpretations of the same pairing[1]

According to AO3 stats, Maine/Washington is the fifth most popular pairing in the fandom with 300+ fics.


Since the characters' faces are never shown in canon, fans tend to rely on bits and pieces of information provided by the canon to recreate what the characters might look like behind their helmets, which leads to different facecanons.

There is visual confirmation in canon that Maine has a shaved head and it's suggested that Washington may have blond hair, but everything else is up to the fans' imagination. The resulting interpretations tend to be different but still recognizable.

Popular Tropes

  • Angst: Given Agent Maine's ultimate fate, lots of fanworks focus on his pain and how Agent Washington deals with the loss.
  • Size difference





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  • Protective Instincts by Churbooseanon; Wash gets shot during a mission and Maine lets everything slip.

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