A Finger Slip: The Webseries

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Fan Film
Title: A Finger Slip: The Webseries
Creator: Naomi Javor
Date: In Progress
Length: In Progress
Medium: Live Action
Genre: Humor, Angst, Fluff
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
URL: Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook Page

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A Finger Slip: The Webseries is a Sherlock web series based on the popular fanfiction A Finger Slip by Pawtal.

The idea for the series was proposed by director Naomi Javor in 2014, and successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign which raised more than $17,000 for the project (of an original $10,000 goal).[1] The web series is intended to span two seasons, covering the events of A Finger Slip together with some material incorporated from A Slip of the Finger, a Sherlock POV spin-off fic by Katzedecimal. Both authors have given full permission for the use of their works, and Naomi has been in frequent contact with Pawtal throughout the planning stages.

The series was originally scheduled to launch on 19 October 2014, a significant date in the original fanfic, but this was pushed back due to delays in the project. To date, there is no confirmed release date for the series and no full episodes have been released, although multiple teasers and behind the scenes videos have been published to the series' YouTube channel.[2]

Current Status

The release of A Finger Slip has been postponed multiple times from its original planned release date of October 2014, and there is currently no official release date for the series, although Naomi Javor has confirmed that filming for both seasons has been completed. In a 19 October 2015 video update, Naomi explained that the sound engineer and PR/social media specialist for the project had both departed, leaving a two-person team handling the entire project, its editing and the Kickstarter backer rewards.[3]

The project creators attended 221B Con in 2016, and screened a teaser clip from the series at the convention. In another video update in June 2016, Naomi reported that the editing for the project had gone through three different people before falling to her, and real life issues had also intervened to prevent her from working on the project, but it was still slowly continuing.[4]

On October 20, 2016, Naomi published a letter to the project's Facebook page, reading:[5]

Two Years. It's been 2 Whole Years since the day I wanted to present A Finger Slip. Every day since has flown by and I can't seem to slow time, to gain on it at all. And while I am gaining on it, the progress is much too slow. If I'm this frustrated and discouraged, I can't imagine how you all feel. But just know that I'm still trying. If I wasn't I would've announced its cancellation long ago. I've run out of money, resources, energy and time. But I'm still trying. That's all I can offer. Because we came so far. There is so much content. It just needs to be put in sequence and cleaned up. In addition, my own life is a mess and its hard for me to find time to fight for this project while I'm moving from place to place and trying to make enough to get by. The point I'm trying to make is that I still want to see A Finger Slip. And I'm not giving up. And if you're still around to read this, then this project is for you. Thank you and I love you from the bottom of my heart.

XX --Naomi Javor

On 19 January, Naomi posted the clip from the series which had been shown at 221B Con in 2016, to help counteract fans' disappointment over The Final Problem, the final episode of Sherlock Season 4 (which had aired a few days beforehand).[6] Updates about the project, including photographs from production, are still posted to the series' Tumblr and Facebook page.

Cast and Crew

  • Author: Pawtal, Katzedecimal
  • Director: Naomi Javot
  • Sherlock Holmes: Cody Robert Quinn
  • John Watson: Arthur Dodge
  • Greg Lestrade: Tom Cilluffo
  • Sally Donovan: Brittany Hottmann
  • Harry Watson: Ingrid Storrønningen
  • Mrs. Watson: Krystn Madrine
  • Mr. Watson: Dave Stuart
  • Ella (Horse Girl): Elizabeth Royal


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