A Slip of the Finger

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Title: A Slip of the Finger
Author(s): Katzedecimal
Date(s): 2012-2014
Length: ~60000 words
Genre: Angst
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
External Links: A Slip of the Finger at AO3

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A Slip of the Finger is a John/Sherlock fic by Katzedecimal, based off A Finger Slip, written by Pawtal. It is a teenlock AU, and follows the story written by Pawtal. However, while A Finger Slip is written almost entirely in text messages, A Slip of the Finger follows the stories behind these text messages. Katzedecimal had Pawtal's permission, and her encouragement, as she was writing this companion fic.


Other than not being almost entirely text messages, one of the main differences between A Finger Slip and A Slip of a Finger is the genre each fic falls into. While A Finger Slip contains much more fluff and humor, A Slip of a Finger contains much more angst and more thoroughly explores darker themes such as self-harm, abuse, drug use, and suicide attempts.