A Finger Slip (Sherlock story)

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Title: A Finger Slip
Author(s): Pawtal
Date(s): 2012-2014
Length: ~45000 words
Genre: Humour, Fluff
Fandom: Sherlock (TV)
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A Finger Slip is a John/Sherlock fic by Pawtal. It is a teenlock AU that is written almost entirely in text messages. The Story focuses on John and Sherlock after John accidentally texts the wrong number, Sherlock's number, and they begin talking on a regular basis. This story also features Molly, Greg Lestrade, and Mycroft, as well as other characters from Sherlock, but the primary focus is on the relationship between John and Sherlock.

Works Inspired By A Finger Slip

Where can I find A Finger Slip?

This fic was unfortunately taken down from the Archive of Our Own, supposedly due to a glitch.[1] Currently, the website that normally provides a PDF copy of this fic is down, but you might be able to get a copy if you ask here [1].


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