Mycroft Holmes

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Name: Mycroft Holmes
Occupation: British Government
Relationships: None
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Other: Played by Mark Gatiss
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Mycroft Holmes is a Sherlock character based on the character of the same name from Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes series.


Mycroft Holmes is the older brother of Sherlock and Eurus (from BBC Sherlock). He is a powerful figure in politics and is able to get into any establishment with little difficulty.


The fandom has mixed opinions of Mycroft. For some his "enemy" introduction in series one stuck with them and he is seen as a villainous character ultimately up to no good. Others understand that, whilst he can do some very bad things, the intention is always good and on behalf of what the government believes is better.

Fans have lovingly referred to Mycroft as "The Ice Man" and "Minecraft".

Fans enjoy thinking up little things to make the ice crack. Since Mycroft is so often in professional mode the audience rarely see a weak or emotional Mycroft. Perhaps Mycroft is petrified of spiders? With so little backstory given for this character fans could use literally anything to get to the soft side of Mycroft, which in itself might be a myth.


Mycroft is predominantly paired with Greg Lestrade as Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade or Mystrade. Mystrade is a fan favourite as the two have very different backgrounds and personalities that somehow work together. Canonically the pair have only met once briefly. However, in Sherlock's dream sequence (Christmas Special 2016) the pair are seen together several times leading some fans to believe that Sherlock also thinks that they're more than just acquaintances.

The second Mycroft pairing is Johncroft or John Watson/Mycroft Holmes. Johncroft is a rarer pairing but popular for those who also ship Sherstrade and prefer John and Sherlock as friends. Other ships include Holmescest (Sherlock Holmes/Mycroft Holmes), Morcroft (Mycroft Holmes/Jim Moriarty), and Mollcroft (Molly Hooper/Mycroft Holmes).


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