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Name: Joan Watson
Occupation: Consulting Detective
Relationships: Friend of Sherlock Holmes, colleague of Marcus Bell and Tommy Gregson, daughter of Mary Watson
Fandom: Elementary
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Joan Watson is a modern-day reimagining of the Sherlock Holmes character John Watson on the CBS show Elementary. The actress who portrays her is Lucy Liu.

Canon History

Joan is a former surgeon who quit the medical profession after a patient died on her table. She first met Sherlock Holmes when she was hired by his father to be his sober companion. They became friends, and after her time in that role had ended Sherlock offered to teach her how to become a consulting detective. They lived together for the first two seasons of the show, but in the season two finale Joan was in the process of moving out.

In her personal life, Joan has ex-boyfriends named Ty Morstan and Liam Danow, and during the second season she began a relationship with Sherlock's brother, Mycroft, that ended when he faked his death. Her mother is Mary Watson, a Chinese-American woman; her birth father has schizophrenia and is homeless; her White step-father gave her family the "Watson" name. She has at least one brother, named Oren. Her friends outside of her life with Sherlock include Carrie Dwyer and Emily Hankins.


Common Pairings

Sherlock Holmes/Joan Watson is by far the most common romantic pairing, and the dominant pairing in the Elementary fandom.[1] The next most common pairing is the femslash pairing Jamie Moriarty/Joan Watson,[2] and minor pairings include Joan/Marcus, Joan/Ms. Hudson, and Joan/Carrie.

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