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Name: Marcus Bell
Occupation: NYPD Detective, Major Crimes Unit
Relationships: Coworker of Tommy Gregson, colleague of Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson, brother of Andre Bell.
Fandom: Elementary
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Marcus Bell is an original lead character on the television show Elementary, a modern day reimagining of Sherlock Holmes. He is portrayed by actor Jon Michael Hill.

Canon History

Marcus is an NYPD detective with the Major Crimes Unit, working under Captain Tommy Gregson. He frequently consults with Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson on baffling cases. In season one it was revealed that he has a brother, Andre, who is an ex-con; in season two he was shot while working a case with Sherlock and Joan, leading to a rift in their previously friendly relationship and his temporary reassignment to the NYPD Demographics Unit.

Common Pairings

Joan/Marcus and Marcus/Sherlock are equally common pairings in the Elementary fandom, though both are rare pairs overall. Sometimes all three characters are involved together in a polyamorous arrangement. Occasionally, Marcus is paired with Alfredo Llamosa or Ms. Hudson.

Fanon and Common Tropes in Fanworks

  • Disability Fic: Many fanworks explore how Marcus's character might have developed had his shooting resulted in a permanent disability. ([1], [2])
  • "Not Bell": Many Marcus/Sherlock fanworks are inspired by or refer to Sherlock's line that "I refer to most of the detectives as not Bell."
  • Purple Shirt of Sex: Marcus frequently wears a tight purple shirt that fans refer to as his "purple shirt of sex," growing out of the Sherlock fandom's trope. ([3])

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