Team The Best Team

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Title: Team The Best Team
Author(s): neveralarch, susan_voight
Date(s): 23 December 2013; 10 March 2014
Length: 5,715 words; 38 minutes 27 seconds
Genre: Fluff, Het, Slash, Poly
Fandom: Elementary
External Links: Fic at AO3 Podfic at audiofic archive

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Team The Best Team is a fanfic in the Elementary fandom, written by neveralarch. The main pairing is Marcus Bell/Ms. Hudson/Alfredo Llamosa, and it was one of the most popular fics written for Yuletide 2013, where it was gifted to defcontwo.

The story was podficced by susan_voight.


Marcus gets along really well with Holmes' friends.

Recs and Reviews

OH MY gOD. just made my Yuletide, nonnie, and this isn't even my gift. I love Joan and Sherlock's codependent squabbling from a third party perspective, and I love love Marcus' observation about Joan's friends vs. Sherlock's friends (and his ambiguous feelings about being solidly among the later instead of the former), and oh goodness, the way you write further depth into Alfredo and Martha/Mrs Hudson—I finished the fic liking them and Marcus even more than Joan and Sherlock, and I like the latter an awful lot, so that's quite impressive.

Goodness. I just want to reread this about three more times in a row before I can bear the thought of clicking away, and this is most definitely going on my rainy day comfort fic list. Very, very well done.[1] (Idhren's comment)

All of Sherlock's friends together in a fic, meeting and getting to know each other! Another one that makes me want to huggle all the characters.[2] (tassosss' rec, crossposted to the yuletide-recs comm)
Every character’s voice is spot-on, particularly Marcus’s as the viewpoint character, and the fic overall is just so delightfully fluffy, capturing perfectly the heady feeling of a burgeoning relationship. There are also some lovely moments between Sherlock and Joan, bickering and being domestic, and it’s wonderful to see Joan and Alfredo especially continuing to help Sherlock manage his sobriety.

I don't generally listen to podfics, but susan_voight's reading is very clear and smooth, and it has a sort of sly humor that really suits Marcus's flirting.

All in all, however, you consume this fic, the experience is a delight.[3] (PhoenixFalls' rec at 221b_recs)


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