waltz across naïve wood floors.

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Title: waltz across naïve wood floors.
Author(s): paperclipbitch
Date(s): 2 April 2013
Length: 4,101 words
Genre: Gen, Curtainfic
Fandom: Elementary
External Links: Fic at AO3

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waltz across naïve wood floors. is a fanfic in the Elementary fandom. It was written by paperclipbitch and is a gen curtainfic focused on the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson.


"You're wearing my underwear again, aren't you," Joan says.

Recs and Reviews

Wow, your Sherlock voice is flat-out gorgeous. I love his rambling connections, deductions thrown in with philosophy, his piercing, unique grief for Irene, his bitterness about his father. And of course, his affection for Joan and the way he starts to enjoy their intimacy, the commonplace things she knows about him. It's an interesting mirror to the things he remembers about Irene: similar in shape, but totally different in tone.[1] (Comment by Spatz.)
This is one of the most perfect fanworks I've ever read. Everything you write is lovely and poetic-without-being-pretentious and often quite hilarious, but THIS. Mygod. Please write more for Elementary posthaste![2] (Comment by SapphireBryony.)
This fic from Holmes's pov is a contemplation of Joan against their shared circumstances, overlaid with memories of the murdered Irene (mostly segmented as hips, legs, spine), still painfully omnipresent in Holmes's mind. It's Joan at the heart here, though he also contemplates and interacts with others--sadly, not Gregson!--including Clyde the tortoise, his bees, Alfredo, Detective Bell, and even the Lynch twins. His wearing of Joan's clothes gives a hint to reasons behind his haphazard wardrobe, its lack of iconicity. There are several references to Holmes's sexual proclivities and use of prostitutes, also true to this character.

The writing is satisfying, believable, sophisticated. It suits the characters very well. There are wonderful conversations, spoken and physical, between the two of them. I enjoyed reading it very much and I think you would, too.[3] (Rec by unovis posted to 221b_recs.)


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