Carmilla (web series)

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Name: Carmilla
Creator: Jordan Hall, Ellen Simpson
Date(s): 2014 - present
Medium: Web Series
Country of Origin: Canada
External Links: IMDb, Wikipedia, Official Tumblr
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Carmilla is a web series on Youtube, based off of the novella of the same name by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. Initally believed to be a modernized interpretation of the text, the web series was ultimately actually very different from the very dated novel, to many viewers' delights.

There are many other outlets on social media sites (such as Twitter), where fans can follow the characters' stories when they are not on-screen. Currently boasting over 10 million views, the first season consists of 36 three to seven minute episodes and the second season, announced in November, has over 20 episodes of the same length. The third and final season has 36 episodes.

Following the success of the show, a movie was announced and released in October of 2017, following the characters into the future and showing more of Carmilla's past relationship with Elle.[1].

Main Characters


Fans are most active on Tumblr and Twitter. Popular fanworks are screencap or gif sets, but also traditional fanart, fanfic, fanvids, and the occasional comic. Some fans RP additional characters on Twitter or things like "Laura's Camera" on Twitter.

Although the characters directly address their viewers, there is very little interaction with them in character, though there were moments in which the characters answered questions through their tumblr accounts. Some of the writers and actors watch the fandom closely, reblogging fanart or commenting on fan discussions. Some fans welcome this more than others, and some comments by a writer and actors that were seen as intimidating by some fans led to an extended discussion about the Fourth Wall and the creators' involvement in the fandom.

The fandom was a Yuletide Fandom in 2014.

In 2015, Hollstein was number 10 in most reblogged ships on Tumblr[2].

In addition to the large number of queer women characters in this show, LaFontaine is genderqueer by Word of God. A big part of the audience joined the fandom due to its LBTQ representation.


The show has almost exclusively queer female relationships, since a large part of the cast is female. The show's only confirmed canon pairing is Laura/Carmilla, confirmed by an onscreen kiss in the final episode. The relationship between LaFontaine/Perry, however, is in large part accepted in the fanon since they are canonically nearly inseparable best friends. The other popular pairing is Laura/Danny, which gained a fandom after Danny's first appearance in episode 12.

The only het pairing in the fanon is a rarepair, namely Kirsh/Danny, though many critize this relationship as simply a clumsy attempt to tie up loose ends by the writers.

There are no slash pairings.




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