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Name: Romanimp
Alias(es): Quickyoke on AO3
Type: fanwriter, fanartist
Fandoms: Agent Carter, Dragon Age, Carmilla, RWBY, Remember the Daze, Kill la Kill, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Tamako Market
URL: AO3 profile, Tumblr Artblog
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Romanimp is a fan writer and fanartist for various fandoms.


Romanimp is perhaps most well-known for their Agent Carter series The Wonder Years of the Greatest Generation and its current installations, The Scheme of Things and The Wreckage of Stars, though their work in the RWBY and Carmilla fandom has garnered attention as well.


Romanimp is also a talented artist, and has posted numerous drawings for the Agent Carter, Dragon Age, RWBY, and Carmilla fandoms on their dedicated tumblr artblog.