Angie Martinelli

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Name: Angie Martinelli
Occupation: Waitress and Actress
Location: New York City, 1946
Status: Alive
Relationships: Peggy Carter (roommate and friend)
Fandom: Agent Carter
Other: Played by actor Lyndsy Fonseca
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Angie Martinelli is a recurring character on Agent Carter.


Angie Martinelli is a waitress and aspiring actress working at the L&L Automat in 1946 New York City. While little is known about her origins it is often assumed she is from the city, particularly as she has a brother whom lives nearby and can get a car at a moment's notice.

Angie is good friends with Peggy Carter and after the events of Season 1 of Agent Carter the two women move in together. This, combined with the many romantic tropes used in the pair's interactions has given rise to the popular femslash pairing, Cartinelli.


Fandom interprets Angie as anything from a gearhead to a mechanical genius after her appearance as mechanically savvy in Maggiemerc's Fast Cars and Slow Jazz series and romanimp's The Wonder Years of the Greatest Generation series.

Due to Lyndsy Fonseca's previous role as a super spy in Nikita, another popular fanon has her working as a highly capable spy.

Fans also imagine Angie becoming an agent of the S.S.R. or S.H.I.E.L.D., in part because Angie is an actress, and Peggy does a lot of acting in canon as part of her job.





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